Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tester Haul

Last Friday was a pretty good day for many reasons but one of the best things about the day was the Beales Tester Sale. I've worked there for almost 3 years now and I've NEVER been able to go to this amazing event, I'm either at uni or home or simply can't get there in time. So I felt like it was fate that this one was held on my last ever day working there and boy, was I happy I could get to it.

Basically, Beales are allowed to sell all of their testers at the end of each season to their staff, instead of throwing it all away. I've been told incredible things about it as our main make-up stands are your usual department store designer make up and skin care brands. Also they sell perfume testers which people rant and rave about.

Now I can totally understand exactly why they were so excited about the event, I got SO MUCH stuff that I really can't show you everything in this one blog but I thought I could now do a few beauty blogs now I have lots of things to try out.

These are a few things I've been using recently, I'm a very happy bunny!

{Dior Bronze Sun Cream - now I hear you cry "Who on earth needs designer sun cream?!" well I definitely don't BUT it was cheap and you always need suncream right? I've been using it these past few days while the suns been out and it's been a life saver, really thick and stops the sun (if that's what you want) I'm a burner so this is perfect for me. If you ever fancy a posh sun cream then this should be in your list of possibles}

{Clarins Firming Day Cream - this is a lovely thick day cream but it quickly sinks into your skin and is a great base for make up. I really needed a new moisturiser and I would really recommend this one, you get a lot in this pot and it doesn't have any overbearing smells. I've definitely felt a difference in my skin since using it}

{Clarins Tinted Moisturiser - I'm a big tinted moisturiser fan so as soon as I saw this I jumped to buy two of them! It's so smooth and not streaky at all which I feel a lot of tinted moisturisers can do. The coverage is ok but it gives you a good colour and if theres any extra to clear up you can use a concealer which this holds very well. If I could I would buy this again!}

{Diorshow Lash Primer/Maximiser - this is one of my favourite buys as I was going to get this full price as I was bought a Diorshow mascara for Christmas which is really really smudgy so I desperately needed a product to prevent this. It's truly AMAZING, my lashes are at least double the size from when I just usually use the Diorshow mascara which is pretty volumising anyway, it looks like I have false lashes! I'm so happy with it}

{Molton Brown Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Body Lotion - this smells absolutely delicious and I absolutely love using this after the shower now. It has a really strong spicy fragrance so it could be a perfume alternative and it feels so nice on your skin. I also love the pump bottle as it's so much easier and less messy to apply than a squeezy bottle. I'm starting a small obsession with Molton Brown at the moment!}

How lucky am I?! I spent so much but probably the amount I spent on my massive bag of products would have amounted to one perfume I bought so I'm pretty impressed with my bargain hunting skills!

When I use more of my products I will review them as soon as possible, it's so nice to try lots of different things and change up your shower and skin routines a little!

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