Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Olympia International Art and Antiques Fair

So I'm slightly behind on writing about this, my guest in question blogged about it here about 3 weeks ago when we actually went. 

However, after reading an article about it in last months Tatler (which I caught up on during my holiday of doing nothing) I thought it high time to tell you readers about the event. 

The event is a full week and a half extravaganza of gorgeous collections of antiques and art for those mansions needing to be filled, I have loads of them don't you?! I wandered around with Emily deciding what would go in my library, my life ambition when I get rich is to have a home library, and other art that could be littered around the reception rooms in this delightful house I've made up for myself.

In truth, this event was not made for a poor graduate barely coping to may rent in London. It did however appeal to my age group in another aspect, FREE WINE!

Yep, not only this but the whole event was free for us thanks for the delights that are Tatler, as a subscriber they sent me free pairs of tickets attached to this was a note that a free glass of wine was offered to those attending their late night Thursday shopping event, and a couple of vouchers for a cream tea. No brainer right?

In their Malmaison area we sat down in comfy white sofas ready for a gossip. Along came two glasses of Sancerre and Chablis, Sancerre seems to be a very 'in' wine with all of the posh places I've been to, it's a pretty great wine so I get it really, also ordering it just sounds so sophisticated (this could just be me, ok it is). Then came teapots of English breakfast with warm scones ready to be filled to this brim with jam and clotted cream. I'm always a little over ambitious when filling my scones and it falls apart everywhere, what was I saying about being sophisticated here?

After mopping up my scone crumbs we wandered around. By far my favourite stand was the vintage film posters section, these weren't your standard prints there's no chance we're affording these for a while! 

It was a lovely evening, a change from sitting in a bar gossiping until you're a little too half cut needing to seriously concentrate when travelling on the tube. Olympia is a bit annoying to get to and there's not much about but they've got loads of events going on, I always forget about it and just think of the ExCel centre when looking for events like that but Olympia is a great spot for something a little more sophisticated for the day, and hey what girl can turn down free wine right?

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