Friday, 31 May 2013


On Monday I went for a burger afternoon tea, two of my favourite things rolled into one and in my eyes the best way to spend a bank holiday afternoon. 

I enlisted Emily as she is my new burger friend, you may not believe this but Emily had her first ever burger a couple of months ago. What on earth did she eat? I hear you cry and I would agree which is why I'm slowly teaching her to appreciate the humble pattie. 

I found the BRGR.Co burger afternoon tea through my new favourite site which sends you daily newsletters of their best restaurant deals in London, it's like Groupon but thousands of times better. 

We got there and were seated in the middle of a small but busy restaurant with various decorated cow heads adorning the walls. We were told that you can pick an iced tea either pomegranate or lemongrass, perfect for the glorious summers day London had suddenly brought upon us. Along came large glasses of refreshing iced tea and two frosted glasses of champagne. 

Along came our burgers and they didn't disappoint. I think these smaller burgers are supposed to be called sliders so you can get the best of both worlds, you're basically eating the size of a normal burger but you can to try 3 different things. One was a traditional beef burger which I was a little disappointed by as it didn't pack much of a flavour punch. The second was a chicken burger which was a delicious grilled chicken breast with lettuce mayo and tomato. The last was definitely the best, it was a sort of lobster roll burger served with avocado and lettuce. Delish.

Dessert was served in 3 mini forms accompanied by a vanilla milkshake that tasted like a melted mini milk. The glass was a strawberry cheesecake layer which tasted lovely but possibly a little dry in the biscuit level, I expected more of Greg's famous buttery biscuit base. The doughnut was deliciously sugary and naughty with a toffee sauce and the brownie was also lovely, I almost struggled to finish the desserts which most of my friends would be shocked by as I normally eat for two but it was a seriously filling meal and more interesting discovering lots of different flavours.

After 'settling our differences' (which was only £17 each, you can find the deal here, there were quite a few people also taking advantage of the offer!) we headed out for a wander in the sunshine but only once we'd made the most of the Starbucks Frappuccino Happy Hour. We ended up in Green Park enjoying the sun surrounded by picnicers having a gossip and soaking up the last of the evening sun. A perfect Monday off work, I wish every week was 4 days long!

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