Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wigstock at Inferno's

For a Bank Holiday Sunday it's sacrilege to stay in and not make the most of the second Saturday night of the weekend. So myself and my two lovely housemates Kirsty and Laura looked around for a cheese night, no posh London clubs or anywhere you have to be 'cool' for, just somewhere you can dance like a loon and not be judged. We found it in Clapham, it was Infernos. 

I've seen it mentioned a few times by friends on twitter etc that it's one of those guilty pleasures where you always end up, it's definitely one of those places and I loved it!

The Bank Holiday Sunday theme was Wigstock, unfortunately we forgot our wigs but we did find some whilst there. You can easily sign up to the guest list before 6pm on the night you go which gets you queue jump before 11, to be honest it wasn't busy enough when we got there to warrant it but its a good safety to avoid disappointment. 

2 for 1 cocktails and shots until 11 and the prices after that really aren't bad for a club, think a fiver for a drink each. We got in when it was relatively quiet but it quickly filled up. We found a little spot on the dancefloor to sit and people watch as it got busier, the people there prove for some pretty great people watching. It feels like people just lose all inhibitions of acting cool in Infernos and just want to get down and boogie, so much better than some of the people I've seen in clubs in central who look at you oddly if you move more than an inch when dancing. 

Everyone was so friendly and we chatted to so many groups of people out celebrating for different reasons all coming to Infernos. The place is huge and the upstairs section wasn't even open. 

I had so much fun and it really felt like I was a student again. If you want a night out with a big group of friends but don't want anything too fancy, head to Infernos. The music is eclectic and cheesy but its all the guilty pleasure songs you love to dance around your bedroom to, the Spice Girls medley particularly impressed. Dress is pretty casual but don't wear heels, you'd probably feel a little out of place and be jealous of all the people throwing shapes effortlessly in flats! Looking forward to the next trip already. 

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