Thursday, 23 May 2013

Scooter Caffe

I hate it when a friend suggests to meet up for drinks or dinner and asks to meet up in a chain cafe or restaurant. This may sound a bit snobby but there are too many places to go in London to waste it on a Pizza Express. 

Thankfully my lovely friend Laura has the same attitude as me so I suggested a cute cafe just by Waterloo, perfect for her to get the train home straight away as she commutes to London from where my home home is. 

I'd seen Scooter Caffe as a recommendation in Emerald Street (if you haven't signed up to their newsletter yet I don't know what you've been doing) and after a lot of walking a lot of getting lost we found the very discreet cafe with a lit up bar sign outside and a Vespa in the window.

Now I hate this phrase but this place is the epitome of fly by the seat of your hat. They don't have a menu but you can either have a coffee and cake or order a beer/house wine or pick from a selection of house cocktails. Of which sometimes you might be able to get other times they may not, as the lovely lady who served us told us, 'we might not have enough limes tonight for that cocktail'. You can also make up whatever you like from their bar shelf behind the counter, my kind of place. 

It's a small cafe littered with fairy lights, old vespas and tube station signs. As its so small you may not be able to get a seat, we got there at 7 and the place was already pretty busy so I'd suggest getting there early evening or during the day. They have a cute roof terrace with pot plans everywhere a crookedy wooden chairs and tables which is perfect for a rare day in London where you see a bit of sun. 

Laura went for the Aperol Spritzer and I went for a gin and tonic, all coming to the grand old price of £9.50, a great price for such a central location. The drinks were seriously strong making me think that this place could be a good place for a little pre drinking before going out dancing. They also don't sell food apart from bar food like crisps and nuts or a small selection of cakes, they let you bring in whatever food you like as long as you have the decency to take your rubbish with you, I couldn't think of anything better. 

The place was so nice and chilled, perfect for sitting in a corner catching up with old friends and going through as many cocktails mixtures as you can think of. You can find all of their info here so next time you're stuck for something to do while waiting for a train, don't hit Burger King or something, give this place a go and you'll probably miss a few trains before you want to leave! Find them here.

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