Thursday, 16 May 2013

Where my ring at?

A few months ago, myself and Elliza spent a couple of frantic mornings sitting in a waiting room to get tickets to what promised to be one of the most amazing things I'll ever set my eyes on, The Mrs Carter Show.  Elliza managed to get us the tickets and all we had to do was countdown and continually listen to her whole repertoire, something I definitely didn't mind doing.  

We got a little over excited in the car over!

We had tickets to her last London date so the week of seeing friends photos and hearing gossiping at work was excruciating. I was promised it was the best stage performance they had ever seen, and yep they were right.  

She was beautiful, incredible, entertaining, everything good you could say about someone. Her voice never faltered, she looked amazing in every outfit and I've genuinely never danced so much for 2 hours non stop (bar a few slow ones).  

The second stage in the middle of the crowd

We weren't exactly the closest to the stage, we're not made of money!

Vegas theme for 'Party', complete with feather fans

The most amount of glitter I have ever seen in my life

Every song had a different theme, with a different outfit and a different set of graphics for the moving screen behind her.  I'm sure you've all heard about the second stage where she gets people to sing, she zip wires over there like a disco ball and belts out Love on Top and Irreplaceable.  

Quick zip across the crowd

She actually did my favourite song which is a bonus track called 'Why Don't You Love Me' which is pretty much my main jam for an after party, sad I know. She reversioned the music video and it was just amazing and so unexpected. 
We left the concert mind boggled and off to be independent women. It was pretty much just women at the concert and a few boyfriends dragged along only to have their girlfriends hand put in front of their faces while told where my ring at? As instructed by Beyonce.  The tour is understandably sold out but you can still get tickets to Chime for Change where she's headlining at Twickenham or if you're going to V Festival you're in for a treat!

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