Monday, 20 May 2013

Patty and Bun/All Star Lanes

The other week I went on a date, scary prospect for all. Unfortunately the guy wasn't quite right for me, lovely but not right, however the date I planned was. I'd wanted a relaxed date compared to the scary pressured sit down and talk situations a dinner or drink creates.  

We first went to Patty and Bun, a burger place I'd been wanting to try for forever. I'd seen on Twitter that they had a special that week called 'Piggie Smalls' and I had to find out what it was.  Patty and Bun is a very small little diner style place on James Street just behind Selfridges, we were lucky with a glorious sunny day where the road is littered with people eating outside enjoying a sangria and a drop of sun. It's a popular place so you may have to queue, thankfully a Sunday afternoon isn't its busiest time so we go in straight away.  The restaurant has a really relaxed feel to it with a banging soundtrack, the menu isn't extensive which is exactly how I like it. 

All pics sourced from the Patty and Bun website (you can't do food photos on a date right?)

I went for the Piggie Smalls and he went for the Smokey Robinson along with skin on fries to share. The burger comes wrapped in paper and the sauces in classic plastic bottles of an American diner.  Now I know I talk a lot about burgers so I hope you realise what a game changer my next statement is going to be, I think it may be the best burger I've ever had. The special wasn't even on the menu so I didn't know what to expect but what was brought to me was a delicious beef burger patty with iceberg lettuce, reems of cheese, the lot, but with a sort of pork belly affair on top. Seriously good, I think my date had major food envy but he didn't let on, the Smokey Robinson did look pretty damn good to be fair.  

Filled with this new burger found knowledge we trotted off to the second part of the date, old school bowling.  We went to All Star Lanes in Holborn, a retro bowling alley with a 50s soundtrack and diner style food to compliment. There are only 4 lanes at this branch (they have lots of other branches, Holborn being the original and Stratford being its largest) so you might have to wait especially on a busy day if you haven't pre booked. The info for prices etc are here.  

It was seriously good, I went in expecting the ramps to be put up but I was told 'that's only for children', that put me in my place then. And apparently brought out my hidden bowling talents.  With some advice from a 6 year old boy playing on the lane next to us I managed to fluke the ball down without too many gutter balls ('go for the heavy and large ones!' My small companion Raf told me) so that I did and won not only the first round but the rematch too, loser bought drinks and the bowling tab of course, what more motivation does someone need?! 

The bar area is full of plush sofas and tables with tasseled lamps, on a Friday or Saturday night I'm told this area turns into a disco (I'm going on Friday so I'll be able to tell you then!) they serve an extensive array of tiki inspired cocktails but on a Sunday afternoon I could only go for the milkshakes. Think delicious shakes.  

It is indeed a shame the date never worked out but at least I got to try two places if wanted to for ages. I'd definitely recommend either or both places to anyone planning a relatively inexpensive first date or any couple who fancied a day out. I can't wait to see what All Star Lanes is like when I go for my bessie's birthday night out, I may have forced him to choose this place with the promise that I'll organise it for him!

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