Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Michael Kiwanuka

On Sunday, Lucy and I went to see the gorgeous Michael Kiwanuka at the Old Firestation again. It was such a lovely concert, his support was called Jack Bugg who was good, a little Johnny Flynn but very shy! 

When Michael came on, the crowd was welcomed to a beaming smile from him and a guitarist with the COOLEST afro I've seen in a long time. His voice is so soulful and beautiful it almost made me forget how ill I was at the time! I love it when a singer sounds just as good or even better live than on their albums and he definitely didn't disappoint.

He played all of his hits and few I hadn't heard before but all were just so beautiful you could just relax into his voice. I particularly enjoyed the synchronised bobbing heads from the band, who all closed their eyes during instrumental parts and bobbed up and down in perfect synchronisation!

It was such a nice concert and a huge change from the DJ Fresh gig, Michael definitely appeals to the older audience so for both concerts last week I didn't fit into the normal age group!! If you're lucky enough to be going to a festival this year I think he's making the rounds so make sure you try to get down and watch him, he is truly worth a watch and a rightful winner of the BBC Sound of 2012!

This was my favourite song from the night:

{I'm Getting Ready}

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