Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Long Weekend: Part Two

After nursing our first hangover we got ready for the second night, The Block Party organised by We Are Your Friends. We had lots of nibbles and Pimms and played silly games like the cinnamon challenge in the garden.

Then the house was invaded by loads of people coming over to celebrate Emma's birthday and get ready for Block Party. It was so busy and people were scattered about the house everywhere, Lucy, Emily and I therefore decided to sneak off into Lucy's room for a cheesy rave in her room.

We stuck on 'Call Me Maybe' started jumping on the bed like a classic teenage movie. Unfortunately what you don't see in those movies is the bed completely break in half to form a little hammock, surprisingly comfy to sleep on though!

{This was just a few of us! Apologies for the quality of the photos, cameras and busy clubs often don't mix well!}

Once we decided to head on out we saw a DJ called Redlight which was really fun to dance about to. We quickly popped into Bar Extreme for a silent disco, they're always quite surreal when you don't yet have headphones and you enter the club as all you can hear is screaming on singing! 

{A few of the group at the Firestation}

{Elliza and I at the silent disco, without the headphones!}

Then we moved onto a club called Sherbet Lounge to see Eats Everything (who is a very large man!!) which was incredibly busy, we were being pushed everywhere but that was all part of the night! 

{Lucy, Emily and I at Litten Tree

{Watching RedLight at the Firestation}

{Anna and Elliza in their UV outfits}

Then we went to Litten Tree to see Joker, there were so many of us that we couldn't all stick together but we always bumped into everyone in different clubs. I think these kinds of nights where you can go into lots of different clubs feels like you've had more of a full night of lots of fun things. 

If you're ever in Bournemouth I would definitely suggest you try The Block Party!

The rest of the weekend consisted of eating a hell of a lot of food, we went to a new buffet restaurant in Bournemouth called 'Days' which is just my cup of tea, all the Chinese food you can eat with some extra treats including TWO chocolate fountains! Then a big burger at Spoons and a miso soup at Wagamamas, the diet starts again this week!

Now everyone has gone I'm feeling slightly lonely to say the least, at least I have all of the photos and LOTS of Beach Break posters which Elliza and I put up near University.

{A Beach Break Phonebox}

We have another ski social next Friday so I'm bracing myself for yet another busy weekend with all my gorgeous friends!

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