Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Long Weekend: Part One

This weekend has been such a fun weekend, with hours spent being silly with my friends. We had such a long weekend all together it felt like we were all a little family for a weekend, a lot of my friends are on placement this year so I don't see them all together very much whilst at university.

On Friday I had an interview in London for Disney, which I unfortunately found out I didn't get today. I'm just thinking it's meant to be and I'm sure something better will come up for me soon! After the interview I wandered around Chelsea and felt like I was in the programme Made in Chelsea (a personal favourite film of mine!) and then hopped on a very delayed coach back to Bournemouth.

As soon as I got back we got some food and got ourselves ready for the first night out of the weekend. We went to a club called Bliss which I absolutely love, it's one of those clubs that people pretend to hate because it doesn't exactly play the coolest music but always have a good time when they go!

We had a good old boogie for hours and may have had a few too many drinks! It was already a good start to the weekend and we had 3 more days left still!

{Emily and I having an early dance in the kitchen}

{Happy happy Steph, Gemma and Emma}

{Elliza and Anna looking gorgeous}

{My friends are so pretty}

{Steph <3 Elliza}

{Peeping Anna}

{Last girls standing at Bliss}

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