Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday Eye Candy

Recently I've been trying to get back into reading in preparation for my holiday, and with all of my travelling to London for interviews I've finally been able to find time to read. I began Great Expectations by Charles Dickens a couple of weeks before the BBC adaptation was shown around Christmas and it's terrible to say I'm still only about halfway through.

However, it has reminded me of the beauty of the man who will be my Monday eye candy today, Douglas Booth, who plays Pip in the adaptation. He is seriously gorgeous and if you haven't seen the adaptation then I urge you to find it somewhere, it's really good and you get two hours of seeing this man, could it be much worse?!

{Dressed as Pip for Great Expectations}

{He also models for Burberry, they pick well}

{Burberry trench coat}

{See what I mean?!}

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, tomorrow's post will include a big old update on my weekend with my frankly mental friends!

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