Friday, 11 May 2012

DJ Fresh Live

Last night was very good fun, we got to the Firestation about 8 which felt weird as usually I'm going there for a night out at midnight! As soon as we got in there we were surrounded by kids, I never realised how popular DJ Fresh is with the teenage community so the atmosphere was quite strange as we waited for the gig to start.

The concert was basically called Fresh Live which meant it was more than just a DJ playing their songs and having a little dance on stage. DJ Fresh was at the back playing the tunes and you had a male rapper and a female singer to do all of the vocal parts for each of his songs.

I thought I'd only know the songs that I posted here but every single song started to us screaming about how much we loved the song, DJ Fresh has done some classics I didn't even realise were his! The singers were so good and it felt so much more interesting than just dancing to the songs as you would if you were just clubbing.

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All in all a very good gig, I think it would be even better to watch late at night in a festival tent as the atmosphere was a little young in Bournemouth! I'm off for a Pizza Express tonight and my lovely little sister comes down to Bournemouth on Sunday to see Michael Kiwanuka, this week has been full of gigs! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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