Thursday, 10 May 2012

DJ Fresh Excitement

Tonight I'm going to see DJ Fresh at the Student Union club called The Old Firestation with a few friends and it promises to be a pretty good concert with lots of loony dancing and jumping about.

I've heard that Rita Ora will be supporting, famous from her singing in 'Hot Right Now' by DJ Fresh and is currently number 1 with RIP so I have a feeling this was £12.50 well spent on the ticket! I love that universities are still able to get great bands in small venues so the tickets can be cheaper and not too far from my house!

To get me in the mood, I've been listening to some of his classic tunes so enjoy with me and I'll report back tomorrow about how it was!

{Rita Ora - R.I.P with Tinie Tempah, I don't know why this video has decided to travel over there!}

{Hot Right Now, isn't she just beautiful?}

{Louder, such a cool video}

{Hypercaine, one of the older ones}

{Gold Dust, I actually had to do an essay on this video, I love my course!}

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