Friday, 20 July 2012

Surprise Getaway

UPDATE: I'm going to NEW YORK!!!

Today I am being whisked off on holiday by my Mum and sister as a surprise for my 21st birthday. I've known I'm being taken somewhere from Friday until Tuesday for a while but I literally have no idea where I'm being taken and will find out when I check in at the airport, it's so exciting but a nightmare to have packed for!!

Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll have proper internet to update this post to let you know where I'm setting off to but I will try, otherwise I'm sure in all of my excitement I'll send a quick tweet about it!

So my clues have been: make sure you have lots of money for shopping, comfy shoes, it's going to be hot so shorts and vests weather but I don't need a bikini or lots of books so I think it'll be a busy adventure holiday. The suspense is killing me! 

See you on Tuesday with lots of holiday stories I'm sure!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Life Through Blackberry

Everyone does their life through Instagram on blogs these days but what do us Blackberry users do? I've been so busy doing lots of fun things recently so I thought I'd show you a few sneaky shots from recent outings!

{Ice Queen Scoop from Urban Outfitters}

{Margarita Happy Hour from La Perla, Covent Garden} 

{Cute Kew Gardens Illustrations}

{Jasmine tea with lily flower wrapped inside, I had a flower grow in my tea!}

{Happy Birthday cupcake from The Chesterfield Hotel}

{Sparkly 2012 Phonebooth on Bond Street}

{Quilted Laudree chairs}

{Macarons and hot chocolate at Laudree}

{Strawberry Marshmallow Macarons}

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Thank yous

I think thank you cards to family after a birthday or Christmas are one of the most important things to do. A lot of the time, they've spent a lot of money and time picking a present, I'm quite fussy so I know a lot of my family have a bit of trouble shopping for me!

But I feel like just a quick note isn't usually enough, I like to send something they can put on the mantlepiece for a while not pop somewhere hidden. For my 21st I knew they'd have to be special so I bought some thank yous from Rifle Paper Co. which I reviewed a long while back.

They're such pretty cards and I think they will see the sentiment and how grateful I am, I was so lucky and got some amazing presents from everyone!

Here's a little look at my thank you cards:

{A little washi tape at the envelope to make it a little more special}

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Birthday Party

My birthday party was a shared party with my Mum who turned 50 last week a day before me so it was a mix of family, my home friends and my university friends.

It was such a lovely day and everything went so well, the food was just amazing! We prepared pretty much all of the cakes the day before and just did the icing bits in the morning before our guests came!

An absolutely perfect day and the evening was full of fun dancing like a wally! Here's a few pictures from the lovely day!

{Nana and Grandad}

{Homemade Viennese Whirls, they were amazing!} 

{Cake stand of cupcakes}

{Afternoon Tea food table}

{My birthday cake!}

{Emi pouring her cocktail into a teacup}

{Some of the Springetts, Katie, Mia, baby William, Dan and Mum}

{Present opening time!}

{Nana and Grandad, Nanny ALWAYS talks when a photos being taken!}

{Posh cupcakes}

{Cupcakes with homemade flags}

{Mia and baby William}

{He's just the cutest little thing!}

{Lara, Lucy and I}

{All of our cakes and crockery for afternoon tea}

{Mia and William}

{Nana and Lucy}

{Bunting galore in the conservatory}

{Making a wish}

{The fam and Nana and Grandad}

{Auntie Jo and my cousins Mia and Helena}

{Jam jars ready for the Pimms}

Monday, 16 July 2012

Twenty One

On Thursday I turned 21! I actually still can't believe I'm 21, now I have to act responsibly and I don't have an excuse anymore! My birthday couldn't have been more perfect, I'm so lucky to have such lovely family and friends who treat me so well!

So Thursday morning I woke up to possibly the best surprise I think I could ever have. If anyone knows me at all, they know I've been dreaming of having a Mulberry bag for years, it's literally been the biggest obsession I've had ever. So you guessed it, I woke up to a brand new BEAUTIFUL Mulberry bag, I can't believe how lucky I am I can't stop staring at it thinking 'This isn't the display bag I have to put back on the shelf, it's all MINE!'

I was also given the most gorgeous Michael Kors watch from my sister, God it's beautiful and I love it, never leaving my wrist. Anyway, I'm starting to sound a little too excited so onto my perfect day!

We hopped on the train again up to London and first stop was Bond Street. We went to Michael Kors as they fit your watch for free there so I got my rather large watch fitted to my rather small wrist and now it's perfect! Then we went to Mulberry in the quest for a little purse from my Grandparents. This next sentence is going to sound very spoilt but I have a big Mulberry purse but sometimes it's just a little too big and heavy if you're just popping out to the shops or dinner quickly, so I wanted a smaller one, of course from Mulberry.

I couldn't find the one I liked in Bond Street but found success in Covent Garden, meant to be I think so once that was purchased I was a pretty happy girl.

Then we toddled off to the central Covent Garden plaza for a light snack at a place I've wanted to visit ever since I saw it while wandering around Covent Garden, Laudrée. If you haven't heard of it before then shame on you!

Laudrée make the most famous and beautiful macarons, I'd say, in the world but I'm not sure if that's factually correct! They have outdoor seating right in the centre of Covent Garden so we went there for a hot chocolate and to sample a few of those beautiful bites of heaven (trust me they truly are heaven)

The hot chocolate is literally just melted chocolate, it's so rich and my God the macarons are to die for! We had vanilla, raspberry, pistachio and Strawberry sugar marshmallow which were just amazing, they're so sweet that it takes you so long to eat them! It was £17 for the two of us to have hot choc and 4 macarons so kinda pricey for a quick stop but it's so special, the waiters are so friendly and inviting and you get the best seat for the Covent Garden entertainment!

After that we went to the Stratford Westfield, it's HUGE and you could eat something different everyday there for probably a month there's so much food!

We went to Yo! Sushi and had some glorious sushi, some yummy gyozas and tempura, lots of miso soup and noodles. The perfect lunch before a massive dinner!

We shopped til we dropped and got some proper bargains in Zara, two blouses I've desperately wanted for so long were half price! We came home and were whisked off to our favourite local pub 'The Mark Cross', they do the most delicious food and the owners have a small chain around the Kent and East Sussex area. The burgers are so so yummy I barely look at the menu these days and go straight for it!

Anyway, the day was absolutely perfect and I couldn't have asked for more, I'm such a lucky girl! Thank you to all my friends for their birthday wishes!