Friday, 30 August 2013

An Overdue Catch Up

Wow, I haven't blogged in a LONG time! I have so much to tell you!

So a couple of weeks ago my year internship at the house of the mouse, the Disney Channel, came to an end. I've had the most incredible time working there and have learnt so much, working on so many amazing shows has left me feeling like my career has the potential to be a great one.

However, that career is going on pause for a little while because.. I'M MOVING TO FRANCE! I've always wanted to do a ski season and knew this year was my last opportunity to do so before I started on my career track so myself and Elliza are off the Val D'Isere for 6 months to work as chalet hosts, excited is a complete understatement! Which means in 2 months my blog will become the life of a chalet host and my surroundings will look a lot more wintery.

I was offered the job whilst still at Disney so with that in mind, my send off was incredibly snowy themed! My card for starters was incredible...

The lucky fella who's my chalet boy is my lovely friend James, my oldest uni friend, who got a job at Disney a couple of desks away from me and the ski passes are my gorgeous team, maybe I'll find an Ed Westwick while I'm away...

My present was a work of genius, I was presented with a sparkly homemade chalet filled with everything I'd need for a ski season, shot glasses, plasters, dry shampoo, cards, vods but hidden in there was also this amazing apron, I think we're all hoping he'll end up in my chalet by accident and I'll be prepared for the week!

Apparently I need to take a picture of me using each item in my chalet so a few of those may find their way onto here.

So there you go, my whirlwind couple of weeks in a quick blog post. Since I haven't blogged in ages I have so many posts I want to write about my recent adventures so for a couple of weeks this blog will be throwback Thursday errday, first up tomorrow a cheeky afternoon tea with lots of champers!