Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I hold my hands up, I am an AWFUL procrastinator. I'll be writing an essay for about 5 minutes and I'll get restless, check my twitter, blog, Pinterest and any other website I simply can. Not the most productive thing for a degree.

However, I've now found the perfect tool to stop me from doing it (as much!) it's called RescueTime and its an app which you install onto your computer and it records how you use the internet, all day everyday.

It therefore guilt trips me into thinking "I should do some work otherwise my RescueTime will think I'm inefficient" and the sight of the graph which tells me I've been on Twitter for 2 hours in one day is enough to make anyone look at themselves differently!

It doesn't have the prettiest interface but it is clear and useful, it will tell you what websites you've been on and for how long by day, week and month.

You categorise which websites or applications are distracting (the red columns), neutral (the purple columns) and efficient (the blue columns). Once you've got that set up you just leave it on in the background and find out your shocking results later on.

I have obviously shown you a graph from when I had been particularly good, I'm not showing you the terribly inefficient ones but trust me they were ALL red!

It can also show you when you've been the most efficient, whether you're an early bird or a night typer you'll find out your best times for working using this tool.

They email you with a weekly newsletter summarising your progress too so you really can't hide from your procrastination anymore!

So before you start that essay the night before, download this app (for free!) and start making all of your graphs a pretty blue!

This is the website to download: and follow the link to download! 


  1. I already know what I spend most of my day on...BLOGGER!

  2. lol..this post definitely describes me!