Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New York Day 1 and 2

So I've been a terrible blogger and have ignored this website for a long while now but I do have my excuses! I've been staying with my cousin in London for the Olympics and they've just got the internet sorted in the new flat, it's been strange to see just how important television and internet is to our daily lives, especially during the Olympics!

My last post told you about my incredible birthday surprise of a holiday to New York with my Mum and sister, it was one of the most amazing trips and it has definitely ignited a love for the place and to live in such an interesting place at some point in my life.

I wrote a diary while there so I shall just write up what I said there as I don't think I could give it justice with my two weeks ago memory of my time there!

Day 1:

So we got to the airport and I found out that I was going to NEW YORK! It was such a lovely surprise and I feel so lucky! We had a yummy Mexican breakfast at Giraffe and got on the plane, the flight was good and we watched lots of films!

When we arrived JFK was quite far away from the city so our bus was quite a long journey! We're staying at the Park Lane Hotel right by Central Park, its really beautiful!

We went for a wander down 5th avenue and went for dinner at TGIs, I had this amazing pulled pork burger with chips and JD sauce, delish!

Once we got back we completely conked out I was so tired!! I can't believe I'm in New York!

Day 2:

We woke up really early for brekkie, HUGE bagels and delicious warm hot chocolates.

Then we travelled on the Subway, most confusing thing EVER! They really should have come up with a better system, more like London's!

We went to the Empire State Building and the views were just beautiful, you can see so far and all of the massive Central Park. It was a really nice experience to have. We saw Times Square too which is just insane, absolutely huge screens everywhere and larger than life shops.

Then we went SHOPPING! The weather was boiling so I bought some cute shorts from American Eagle and changed into them for the day! I also bought some delish smelly Victoria's Secret body sprays and lots of Pink stuff which was a mission to find! I got some nice gym shorts with the NY Yankees sign on, a lovely soft hoody in grey and lots of VS knickers.

Lunch was perfect, we were walking down Broadway and there was a huge market all down the Avenue (I'm just starting to understand how all the streets and avenues work!) We found a Mexican stand and bought some burritos and some fresh lemonade (it tastes so different and amazing here) we just sat on the pavement in the middle of Broadway and watched the people walk by, it was so perfect doing exactly what people in New York would do on a Saturday afternoon!

Then we wandered around Central Park which is just so incredibly beautiful, I could have wandered and sat there all day and people watched! There's just so much going on, there was a concert in one section and people ballroom dancing in another, if I lived there I think it would by far be my fave spot!

For dinner we found this amazing American Diner called 'Brooklyn Diner USA' which claims to be pretty good. Mum and Lucy had the burger which looked delicious and I had steak with mac and cheese which I'd heard is a big New York combo, it was delicious but so filling! Would go there again (hopefully) its on 57th street on broadway or 7th avenue I think!

And now we're back in the hotel and I'm ready for a good nights sleep after a relaxing bath! Can't wait for tomorrow, the plan is Soho and Central Park bike ride!

I wish I could go back!! Will update you on day 3 and 4 tomorrow and then tell you all about my Olympics adventure! It's been a busy one I can assure you!

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