Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Aquatics Centre

I had the pleasure, while working at the Olympics, to go to the Aquatics Centre twice during the games. The first we managed to get free tickets through work to see some of the swimming medal events.

It was an incredible atmosphere of constant screaming and I would go everyday if I could, I'm not so sure my poor voice would be able to handle it though! We saw Phelps' last Gold swim in the butterfly of his career and saw a World Record be broken by an American female doing the 200m backstroke.

The most incredible race we saw, however, was the 800m women's freestyle with Rebecca Adlington fighting to retain her gold medal from Beijing. Unfortunately she didn't manage it and was beaten by a 15 year old USA girl who smashed the world record! Rebecca was blubbing as she received her bronze model and it almost brought me to tears too!

Then a week later I went along with my Mum and sister to watch Tom Daley dive in the 10m platform semi-finals. It was possibly the most stressful thing I've ever been to, every single time they jumped I thought they were going to hurt themselves!!

However, it was a beautiful and amazing spectacle of skill, OH and there's the small addition of INCREDIBLE abs! Honestly I'm sure it might be odd to think a 16 year old is hot but their bodies are truly amazing, so I thought I'd have a little montage of my favourite ab shows!

{GB diver Chris Mears}

{Ryan Lochte, not a diver but still bloody good looking}

{The gorgeous Tom Daley}

{Canadian Riley McCormick}

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