Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Finals

The last two days of the Beach Volleyball was possibly the maddest, most fun two days of the whole Olympics games. On the Wednesday we had the women's final USA VS USA ironically so NBC were out in force for the match!

We spent all day celebrity spotting and boy did we do well on the spotting. First the gorgeous ginger that is Prince Harry sauntered past us with some Gold medal GB team rowers and watched the bronze match, he truly is beautiful and my only chance left to be a Princess so I tried my hardest to impress but the uniform slowed me down immensely in the seduction mission!

Then for the final match along brought the terribly hot David Beckham, honestly he might be quite old but he is beautiful! We were so excited that a volunteer asked him to take a picture with some of us girls working there so I actually have a picture with THE David Beckham! If you follow me on Twitter or hav me on Fb you will definitely already know this as I've been going on about it for so long!!

{He smells delicious by the way!}

We had so many visits on the women's final that the men's final was an, obvious, anti-climax. No one seemed particularly bothered about Germany vs Brazil! The lovely Brazilians lost and we saw them in the hotel after, celebrating their silver medal and drowning their sorrows. At least they have Rio to look forward to!

However, after the match was when the fun started. We let rip onto the sand we'd be looking at for so long! We may have gone a bit mad!

{It is very hard to do handstands in sand!}

{Very S Club 7}

{Overly excited about the number of Army boys here}

{In the little rest huts for the players}

{Felix getting excited about the Army too}

I was privileged to have such a gorgeous and lovely team of girls to be working with, they were so lovely and made the whole experience that more amazing. Here's a few snaps of our little Liaison Officer teams!

{X Factor's Peter Dickson!}

It has been incredible and I have the post-Olympics blues very badly!

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