Friday, 13 September 2013

The Body Shop Treats

I'm a big fan of The Body Shop, everything smells gorgeous and I'm often found milling around in there and accidentally buying something. My favourite thing about them is that they always have a promotion on so I never feel bad for buying something, I'm basically getting stuff for free right?!

I bought a few bits after seeing a £10 off when you spent £25 and I'd had my eye on a few things ready to be swept into my hands!

Now this isn't particularly attractive to say but I've been running a lot and my trainers aren't exactly leaving my feet in the most silky soft of conditions so I went serious with their foot scrubber. The lovely lady in the shop said give your feet a scrub in the bath so the skin is softer and then seriously smother with their Hemp foot protector and pop some socks on to let it soak in. I know this routine is quite well known but I never knew which products to use, both of these are apparently the hardest working of their foot range. Ok no we can stop talking about feet ewwww!

I then went on to choose from their new Colour Crush range of lipsticks, the range of colours are gorgeous, lots of nudes and pinks which are more up my street. I went for this slightly deeper coral to get out of my comfort zone and it comes out with a slightly light red tinge, a nod to the red lipstick trend but perfect for those a bit scared to go in full throttle like me! 

As usual with the quality of The Body Shop products they've put in loads of extras which actually nourish you lips including oils to make the lipstick glide on like a dream and it also has a lip stain in it so it's got some serious staying power. I think I'm going to have to start a collection! They're currently doing a 40% off and free delivery offer online so pop over there and find your perfect lipstick shade! 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

22 BBQ and Watermelon Martinis

To end my insanely chocka block birthday weekend my housemates and a few friends scattered around London gathered for a little BBQ in the English sun. Laura and Kirsty bought me a BBQ for my birthday especially, it's so cute!

Look at my BBQ Skillzzz

We're convinced that James and Youtuber Tyler Oakley are the same person what do you think?!

Now onto some more serious stuff, drinks. We discovered our ultimate summer drink and the best mixer money can buy for a few drinks before painting the town red, watermelon martinis.

Doesn't this little badboy look good? You need one big watermelon, lots of ice, as much vodka as you can handle and a smoothie maker/blender. Our smoothie maker is only a little junior so we only chucked a couple of big scoops from the watermelon, a fistful of ice and a few glugs of vodka, whizz it all up (pips included, you won't taste them!) and Bob's your Uncle. A medium watermelon will give you about 10-12 drinks so get the rounds in bar tender!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Wireless Day 2

Day 2 and it was BOILING!! And we found more friends, Jess' housemates from Bournemouth all gathered for Jay Z love.

We waited in anticipation for the unannounced special guest, many rumours went around but we were all jumping around with happiness when Tinie Tempah popped out for a few songs, he was so good!

Oh HEY Jay Z!

It all got a little blurry during the concert, we got a bit over excited so apologies for the quality of the photos. The new album was amazing, I forgot to say in my previous post that JT and Jay Z performed in each other's performances. Jay Z featured in Suit & Tie and JT came out for Holy Grail, it really made the performance special. 

The festival is a little odd compared to my other festival adventures, there's no camping so it finishes at about 11 for people to get home so it kind of feels more like a concert rather than a festival. If you're after a chilled festival vibe with lots of fun things to do, this isn't the festival for you. It's all about the music with this festival, it's not massively foodie but we did find Cheeky Italian for aranciata which literally blew our mind. I'd definitely go again next year if the line up is as good as this year!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wireless Day 1

For my actual birthday myself and Jess decided to buy ourselves birthday presents, Jess turned 21 on the Sunday when I turned 22 on the Friday, we bought Wireless tickets. We couldn't decide between Justin Timberlake and Jay Z so had to get both days. Day 1 was pretty incredible.

I am officially a GIANT!

We started with something a little fancy, we bought the Wimbledon themed Lanson, it's got the cutest little jacket ever! Using it on every single bottle of cava I ever buy.

We followed the crowds straight to the Yahoo! silent disco, I absolutely love silent discos singing like nobody cares even though strangers can hear your warbles.

Jagermeister have their own tent, BOOM!

Jagerbombs for two please bar man!

So many sweaty adolescents, feel like an old lady saying that.

Zane Lowe DJing his heart out

I need AME 100% OH!

We found a friend yay! Ibs and his friend turned up for the JT magic.

Snoop Doggy Doggggg

Frank Ocean should be my friend

Boogie on dowwwnnnn


JT was just incredible, Senorita was a serious moment with all the guys and the girls doing their sections of the song, honestly the best birthday party ever!