Monday, 9 September 2013

Wireless Day 2

Day 2 and it was BOILING!! And we found more friends, Jess' housemates from Bournemouth all gathered for Jay Z love.

We waited in anticipation for the unannounced special guest, many rumours went around but we were all jumping around with happiness when Tinie Tempah popped out for a few songs, he was so good!

Oh HEY Jay Z!

It all got a little blurry during the concert, we got a bit over excited so apologies for the quality of the photos. The new album was amazing, I forgot to say in my previous post that JT and Jay Z performed in each other's performances. Jay Z featured in Suit & Tie and JT came out for Holy Grail, it really made the performance special. 

The festival is a little odd compared to my other festival adventures, there's no camping so it finishes at about 11 for people to get home so it kind of feels more like a concert rather than a festival. If you're after a chilled festival vibe with lots of fun things to do, this isn't the festival for you. It's all about the music with this festival, it's not massively foodie but we did find Cheeky Italian for aranciata which literally blew our mind. I'd definitely go again next year if the line up is as good as this year!

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