Thursday, 31 January 2013


My lovely friend Elliza started her Dryathon at 9am on the 1st January. Today is her last day alcohol free and I'm so incredibly proud of her. This is the girl who will always be up for a night out and the social sec of the Snowriders for a good reason. To prove my point these photos say a thousand words!

You can see the girl likes a boozy night out, she's a great gal. I think this may be why this was such an important thing. She's raising money for Cancer Research UK, her amazing Daddy was lucky enough to find it in the early stages and is on a speedy recovery but not everyone is so lucky.

I feel like a proud mother saying this but she's raised over £1,000, she's done so incredibly well as her target went from £150 going slightly higher each time until the scary £1,000 target was set. If I'm honest I wasn't sure she'd get there but she's smashed it!

Today is the last day and tomorrow we're going out to celebrate and will be getting disgustingly drunk so I'm blogging about this for one reason, this is the last day, the last push. I know most of my readers are my friends who have probably all donated to Lize already but I know some of my readers aren't, so please please donate on this page for Cancer Research.

I have a feeling there's more photos like this to come, kitchen dancing in it's best form

I've got a long weekend in Bournemouth with my favourite girls and I'm sure there will be lots of gossip and antics to report back on Monday! Last time we al had a reunion Elliza fell off a DJ booth and her face looked like a Chipmunk's in the morning, I'm hoping for similar this weekend!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bills Bills Bills

No I'm not singing a Destinys Child song (although the title was an excuse to listen to this while writing), Lucy and I went to Bills on Sunday for a lazy day.

The weather in London on Sunday was absolutely glorious, I'm sure you all saw Instabrown pages and facebooks filled with lovely pictures of London in the sunshine. It was a clear but cold day with really lovely sunshine on our backs so we decided to trip out to enjoy this rare day in London.

We stopped off at Fire and Stone for a HUGE pizza, its quite a big chain in London now so its not exactly a well kept secret but they're incredible pizzas and not that expensive.

Once we were stuffed full we thought it best to go walk it off a little so off we trotted to Richmond to walk along the green. I would have taken a few pictures but halfway through the walk the weather decided we'd had too much of a good thing and started to downpour.

Lucy and I found the perfect place to hide from the rain for an afternoon on a perfect lazy Sunday, Bills. Again I think they've become quite the chain now but it all started in Lewes. The food is classic British food and the decor is eclectic and old fashioned. You feel like you're in a countryside produce store with shelves lined with old tins, jams, juices and loads more.

We popped in while they were quite busy just for a drink and we didn't feel pressured to eat or leave quickly. We perched, ordered our drinks and found a pile of magazines to work our way through.

Lucy ordered a pink lemonade float with a vanilla scoop of ice cream, it created this amazing fizzy foam which tasted of fizzy strawberries.

Lucy's jumper is a bargain from Urban Outfitters.

I went for an incredibly naughty chocolate brownie milkshake with loads of cream and a flake, diet who?

My denim shirt was a lucky find in Prmarni, I loved the Aztec collar and sleeves

It was such a relaxing atmosphere, the staff are lovely and don't force you to buy more, I hate it when waiters try to sell starters or nibbles or coffees on just to get more of an up sell, it's so transparent.

I couldn't recommend the place more for a lazy coffee, an unlikely place for a lazy Sunday drink and a happy find while hiding from the rain. I think we've decided it will be our new meeting point now Lucy's at university!

I came home to read this cute little letter Lucy had written me from Rifle Paper Co.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sister Day Out

On Saturday my lovely sister Lucy came to visit London, we had a full day of hardcore shopping planned on a clear but cold day in London. We met at Borough Market for a little wander to look in awe at all the incredible food there. I have always said and still think that Borough Market on a Saturday morning is one of the most perfect ways to spend a Saturday morning, it's just something about it relaxes you ready for a day in busy London.

Some stalls aren't for the faint hearted!

We grabbed a coffee to warm the cockles at a favourite coffee stand. The coffee is incredible but my favourite part is the cute pictures they make with the frothy milk, just makes it feel a little more special. The coffee is a stand linked to a gorgeous cafe called Notes which is right by Leicester Square, they do incredible cakes and play old films at the back. It's a perfect place for a chill and a pit stop if you're around Leicester Square (my favourite is a trip to the National Portrait Gallery and then a coffee in Notes with a magazine from the Portrait Gallery's gift shop).

Once we were ready to brave London on a Saturday we journeyed over to Notting Hill. I'd only ever been during the carnival so the place looked slightly different without thousands of people lining the streets, and if I'm honest a little less blurry!

Portobello Market is a great place to pick up random antique nick nacks, I'm on a mission to find a fur coat and a vintage Burberry trench coat but both of these items don't fit into my current budget, maybe next time! Our favourite shop was a gorgeous shop where you can buy old door knobs, beautiful old fashioned keys and any old kitchen wares dating back to the 1800s, I'm terrible and can't remember the name but you'll see it if you go!

We hid away from the madness and tucked into Gail's for a late brunch. It's a brilliant little cafe with a few spots around London, the windows are usually lined with the most decadent cakes you just want to take them all home! Lucy and I went for the fried egg on buttered muffin with a good helping of bacon and a thick hot chocolate too. It was so busy so not somewhere you can sit and relax but yummy all the same, if you see one grab a slice of the chocolate fudge cake, it's to die for.

Tired and shopped out (we managed to pack in a Shepherds Bush trip too where we both bought an amazing bargain in Urban Outfitters which features in my next post, it doesn't seem to be online!) we headed home for an evening of fajitas and Pretty Woman, not exactly rock n roll but a perfect Saturday evening spent with my favourite sister.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Under the Weather

Recently I've been a little under the weather, I've been having lots of allergy tests and Friday was another evening spent in a waiting room and brightly lit rooms.

My dermatologists is at home in Tunbridge Wells though so at least I got to go home for some good old fashioned home cooked food. Mum made moussaka which she's honed into the best thing ever through many trials, it's my go to request when I come home.

Sometimes it's the home comforts you appreciate more than a wild lifestyle...

Isn't she just the cutest little thing?!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

A day to appreciate vegetables...

I'm well known for my eating habits, I'm honestly always eating and my favoured choice is chucking a hell o' lot of meat in there. Yesterday my lovely friend Catherine came over for a sleepover and I had a curry all planned and ready, then I remembered she's a veggie...

So out came the recipe books, I just never think that vegetarian fills you up despite the veggies always have the nicest ingredients, sweet potato, goats cheese, spinach, pine nuts...sometimes it is nice to have a day off from meat and enjoy a vegetable once in a while.

Perfectly timed I came across The Londoner's mushroom risotto recipe, I've never been a fan of the add a bit and wait, add even more and spend an hour by the stove. This recipe is honestly the easiest thing ever and so delicious, it looked like I'd been slaving in the kitchen for ages!

Sometimes it's good to have a day appreciating a veg, but I'll never manage it as a lifestyle, I like burgers WAY too much!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Disclosure x Alunageorge

If I was asked what my song of 2012 was, I'd be able to answer that person straight away, no hesitation, I'd probably blurt it out in excitement. It makes me smile every time I hear it and I can't help but sing it out at the top of my voice accompanied by my very own designed dance moves. The song is Disclosure 'Latch' featuring Sam Smith. 

For those who haven't heard it before, you're in for an absolute treat...

Now if anyone asked me who I was loving in 2013 at the moment I would again be able to blurt out with complete decisiveness, Alunageorge.

Given this, I'm sure you can understand when Zane Lowe announced on Radio 1 that they've done a collaboration with Aluna's vocals on a Disclosure track. 

If I'm honest, Latch is a pretty tricky song to compete with, in my eyes it has everything but this new song is most definitely stuck in my head.

During the day, Disclosure released this picture on Twitter and the music world got pretty excited.

#whitenoise (the title of the track) began trending almost instantly after the song was played exclusively on BBC Radio 1.

I am absolutely certain this will be on repeat while I work today, can't get enough.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Starting to feel like home..

I recently moved into a new house in London and we've been slowly making the house ours with essentials and pretty extras. I promise to post pics once its finally there but yesterday was our big Ikea trip!

I've only really been a couple of times as its so far away at home and anything involving a motorway my Mother won't drive. However now we're London folk we can take a trip easily.

I think because I haven't been very much I think it's like it is in 500 Days of Summer which meant I subsequently attempted to re-enact this scene on our visit, exclaiming that our taps didn't work, much to the disgust of my housemates...

I will explain I only tried to re-enact the first bit in the kitchen!

We came away with a crazy number of things, mainly candles, champagne flutes and jars for me. The house is slowly becoming a home and I'm truly in love with it!

A very odd chair contraption testing how much you can jump on it, my kind of test!

Stalking Andy and Laura, stealth mode...

This weekend is set to be a chilly one so I plan on staying wrapped up warm and *fingers crossed* travelling down to Bournemouth for the weekend, my dancing shoes are aching to have a trip out! Have a lovely weekend everybody ❄

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Val Thorens Part 2

The rest of the holiday was much of the same, a couple of hours of skiing, lots of cheese fuelled meals and then dancing the night away like absolute idiots.

However there was one part of this trip which I think may have been my favourite and I think it's pretty individual to Val Thorens, meaning it must be enjoyed every single day without fail. I'm sure you already know what I'm getting at... The après ski!

The après at Val Thorens is and will always be the best in the alps. For those who may not know, at about 3pm every day, people across the mountain will stop all skiing and head to one of two places on the mountain for a few drinks and bit of a boogie, ready for the night ahead.

La Folie Douce is my favourite place to be, it is absolutely mental. Everyone gets up and dances on the tables to fist pumping beats all in the view of the DJ, singer and saxophonist who are set up on a balcony. The combo of the three is so much fun and about every half an hour you hear the singer shout "Does anyone want some champagne?!" And people flock to the front.

However he's not offering champagne in the traditional sense, they spray bottles upon bottles of champagne all over the crowds, which is great apart from it makes you look like this:

This isn't the extent of how soaking and disgusting we looked but no one wants to see that on the internet!

Elliza threw a snowball at me while we were posing for a picture, she thinks she's so funny...

Another bar you can go to is Bar 360, which plays more chart music and is just a simple DJ, but it's still amazing fun. The mulled wine there is delicious, the bar staff are ridiculously good looking ski bums and everyone is again on tables dancing their day away on top of a mountain.

The best thing about 360 is that it closes at 6 which means you have a hilarious dark, drunken ski down (don't worry it's only a green run) with loads of your friends ahead of you. I may have accidentally thought I had the wrong skis and instead had to walk/stand on other people's skis, all in a days work at VT.

Apart from the après we had a few other great fancy dress themes. The Only way is Essex for instance saw us applying layer upon layer of tan on ourselves and all of the boys on our floor, this resulted in some interesting looking faces. I took this opportunity to get a close up of everybody's best smile...

We're all a beautiful bunch of people I'm sure you'll agree!

Elliza's arm post 8 layers of tan

There are so many moments I could put on this blog that I simply can't fit in but I cannot recommend enough going skiing with your friends. I know I bang on about skiing quite a lot (you'll notice if you follow me on twitter) but I honestly haven't laughed that much ever, my sides hurt thinking about it.

Baby Jesus for one theme 'Politically Incorrect Christmas', Lize was Mary and Jesus was strapped onto her

Another great theme was sports day where we decided to reuse our favourite showjumpers and become the Equestrian Dressage team. The sight of three hobby horses dancing above everybody's heads was a sight to behold, but at least you'll never get lost!

If your Uni is doing a trip, go on it! You'll never have the opportunity to ski that cheaply again plus you've got 200 people to meet and potentially some of those could end up being your bessies. So go book a holiday NOW!