Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Laudree Covent Garden

Laudree, for those who may not know, is a beautiful Parisian paradise set in the heart of Covent Garden. It also happens to be one of my favourite places to go and on Sunday I couldn't resist the pull of those macaroons!

A very good friend from university, James Rodgers, is staying with us for a while as he's just started an internship at Disney so he's working with me! So while he house hunts, he's settling into London life with the bunch of loonies that is my house. For his first proper day in London we travelled into central with a mission to get my hat from Christies and James to stock up on Lush products. However, a real treat day in London deserves a hint of Laudree.

The cafe can give off an air of being hideously expensive but for a macaroon and a hot chocolate you really don't pay much more than you would in a Starbucks. We shared a pot of molten liquid chocolate and split a few macaroons while looking over Covent Garden's entertainment.

We spent £12 between us and had a much more enjoyable pit stop than we would have at a chain coffee shop. The place is beautiful so whenever you're next in Covent Garden and dying for a coffee and a sugar dose, skip over to Laudree where Jean-Pierre or Jean-Paul would be happy to have you!

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