Thursday, 24 January 2013

A day to appreciate vegetables...

I'm well known for my eating habits, I'm honestly always eating and my favoured choice is chucking a hell o' lot of meat in there. Yesterday my lovely friend Catherine came over for a sleepover and I had a curry all planned and ready, then I remembered she's a veggie...

So out came the recipe books, I just never think that vegetarian fills you up despite the veggies always have the nicest ingredients, sweet potato, goats cheese, spinach, pine nuts...sometimes it is nice to have a day off from meat and enjoy a vegetable once in a while.

Perfectly timed I came across The Londoner's mushroom risotto recipe, I've never been a fan of the add a bit and wait, add even more and spend an hour by the stove. This recipe is honestly the easiest thing ever and so delicious, it looked like I'd been slaving in the kitchen for ages!

Sometimes it's good to have a day appreciating a veg, but I'll never manage it as a lifestyle, I like burgers WAY too much!

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