Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sister Day Out

On Saturday my lovely sister Lucy came to visit London, we had a full day of hardcore shopping planned on a clear but cold day in London. We met at Borough Market for a little wander to look in awe at all the incredible food there. I have always said and still think that Borough Market on a Saturday morning is one of the most perfect ways to spend a Saturday morning, it's just something about it relaxes you ready for a day in busy London.

Some stalls aren't for the faint hearted!

We grabbed a coffee to warm the cockles at a favourite coffee stand. The coffee is incredible but my favourite part is the cute pictures they make with the frothy milk, just makes it feel a little more special. The coffee is a stand linked to a gorgeous cafe called Notes which is right by Leicester Square, they do incredible cakes and play old films at the back. It's a perfect place for a chill and a pit stop if you're around Leicester Square (my favourite is a trip to the National Portrait Gallery and then a coffee in Notes with a magazine from the Portrait Gallery's gift shop).

Once we were ready to brave London on a Saturday we journeyed over to Notting Hill. I'd only ever been during the carnival so the place looked slightly different without thousands of people lining the streets, and if I'm honest a little less blurry!

Portobello Market is a great place to pick up random antique nick nacks, I'm on a mission to find a fur coat and a vintage Burberry trench coat but both of these items don't fit into my current budget, maybe next time! Our favourite shop was a gorgeous shop where you can buy old door knobs, beautiful old fashioned keys and any old kitchen wares dating back to the 1800s, I'm terrible and can't remember the name but you'll see it if you go!

We hid away from the madness and tucked into Gail's for a late brunch. It's a brilliant little cafe with a few spots around London, the windows are usually lined with the most decadent cakes you just want to take them all home! Lucy and I went for the fried egg on buttered muffin with a good helping of bacon and a thick hot chocolate too. It was so busy so not somewhere you can sit and relax but yummy all the same, if you see one grab a slice of the chocolate fudge cake, it's to die for.

Tired and shopped out (we managed to pack in a Shepherds Bush trip too where we both bought an amazing bargain in Urban Outfitters which features in my next post, it doesn't seem to be online!) we headed home for an evening of fajitas and Pretty Woman, not exactly rock n roll but a perfect Saturday evening spent with my favourite sister.

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