Friday, 18 January 2013

Starting to feel like home..

I recently moved into a new house in London and we've been slowly making the house ours with essentials and pretty extras. I promise to post pics once its finally there but yesterday was our big Ikea trip!

I've only really been a couple of times as its so far away at home and anything involving a motorway my Mother won't drive. However now we're London folk we can take a trip easily.

I think because I haven't been very much I think it's like it is in 500 Days of Summer which meant I subsequently attempted to re-enact this scene on our visit, exclaiming that our taps didn't work, much to the disgust of my housemates...

I will explain I only tried to re-enact the first bit in the kitchen!

We came away with a crazy number of things, mainly candles, champagne flutes and jars for me. The house is slowly becoming a home and I'm truly in love with it!

A very odd chair contraption testing how much you can jump on it, my kind of test!

Stalking Andy and Laura, stealth mode...

This weekend is set to be a chilly one so I plan on staying wrapped up warm and *fingers crossed* travelling down to Bournemouth for the weekend, my dancing shoes are aching to have a trip out! Have a lovely weekend everybody ❄

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