Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Posh Cupcakes

I am incredibly late for this post but I thought better late than never eh? For the Jubilee I unfortunately missed most of it because of my holiday so me and my sis thought we'd attempt to be slightly patriotic and make some posh British cupcakes.

Obviously it's not an appropriate post anymore as no one will need to make a Jubilee cake but you could do these Blighty cupcakes for the Olympics possibly, we have so much excitement this year!

I think the cupcakes we make look a little more professional for 3 very simple reasons and I think these reasons will help everyone to make beautiful cupcakes!

1. Buy gorgeous cupcake cases. Yes, they get thrown away straight away but they make such a difference, especially with a theme for the cake. I like to get some whenever I see a nice set to put in the cake making cupboard of 'just incase'.

2. The icing. Even if it's the simplest of icing and it's not even coloured, piping the icing is SO important to make it look slightly more professional. You can see in the pic above in the top left where the icing has been spooned on and it simply isn't the same. Piping bags are so cheap and easy to use so get one now!

3. Themed toppers. You might think this is just another boring expense but it's a cute extra which makes a real difference to the way your cupcakes look. It also brings in the theme of your cupcakes whenever you need to make some quick cupcakes for a birthday or an event.

I'm sure all of this is just an obvious but I just thought I'd do a little tip book if you're struggling to make your cupcakes a little more exciting. So go shopping and find anything you can. My favourite places are usually Waitrose, Lakeland and amazon.com have some really nice extras for baking too. Happy Baking!

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