Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pinterest Revisited

So I'm going to take a quick pause from the week's worth of events (mainly because I haven't managed to do them yet) to show you a few of my new Pinterest favourites. I'd recently become very bored of the website, always featuring healthy recipes, ways to stay fit and handy tips on how to make your own washing up liquid. Things that don't really interest me a hell of a lot.

However, I've been following a few blogs and other people on Pinterest which sparked my liking for the website again. If you want to follow me and see who else I'm following then I'm here!

{It must come soon!}

{A little sequin is always appropriate}

{Summer reading swing}

{Vintage Waves}

{Love your freckles}

{There's always just something about typewriters}

{A dash of sparkle}


{Mini margaritas}

{Beach day with friends = perfect}

{My obsession with macarons is getting worse!}

{Gorgeous camera scarf straps}

{Cute idea for boring champagne flutes}

{I love this simple but smart outfit}


Tomorrow I promise you I will tell you all about the Cambridge University May Ball, it's going to be another long one!

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