Friday, 29 June 2012

Amy Turns 21

A couple of weekends ago I went to the 21st birthday of a very old friend of mine, Amy. We met in Year 7 and have been bessies since so it was such a lovely occasion to meet all of her new friends from university, see all of my home friends and her lovely family, including her brothers and sisters who have very suddenly grown up!!

It was hosted at her house with lots of drinks on the patio, a hell of a lot of bunting and some truly delicious food!

Amy's sister, Verity, took lots of lovely pictures so I have borrowed her photography to show you the party. It was lovely to catch up with everyone and everyone there looked so smart and pretty! Anyway here's a few pics from the night!

{The very busy patio with a huge gazebo to save us from the weather}

{Alex went for a very Bruno Mars look!}


{Amy's Dad, I kind you not his name is Paul Weller, gave a lovely speech about his OMG baby}

{The cake with a few fireworks on top!}

{Look at this beautiful cake!}

{Checkered chocolate and vanilla sponge, delish!}

{Gorgeous fancy cupcakes}

{Amazing salads from Basil, unfortunately I can't find any pics of the lamb Paul cooked but it was incredible!}

{Fred with his teeny tiny bow tie}

{All of the girls looking beautiful}

{Very sophisticated, Amy and Emi}

It was a lovely night and so nice to see everyone again! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, I'll be watching the Wimbledon and preparing things for my birthday party which is very soon so next week will be a week of posts about my party preparations! Spoiler alert for my friends attending!! See you Monday!

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