Monday, 18 June 2012

Holly Holiday

I'm back! I am a slightly more tanned version of Rosie but I can feel it quickly fading in this British summer!

Cyprus was HOT! Absolutely boiling everyday so after a few days of burning in patches (not quite sure why my skin does this) I had to stick to the pool because it was just so hot!

{We left on such a dreary day, 5am wake up call was not a happy time!}

{My odd burn patches on my poor little knees!}

Our family holidays are very chilled, pretty much everyday is sitting by the pool, tanning with some tunes and a good book. Mum cooks most of the dinners using some yummy greek ingredients, I literally ate feta by the bag full! 

{Our sunning spot}

{Our view of the sunset from our villa in the mountains}

Our supermarket trips were interesting to say the least...

{A LITRE of beer, yes boys it was 1 euro, quality stuff}

{Dad felt right at home when he found a copy of Shooting Gun}

{A lovely tourist 'gift'}

{Anyone fancy some Corny Big Nuts?!}

Whilst on a supermarket trip I also got a call to tell me that I have been offered a job working at Disney! I start in August so I'll tell you more about it then but it's all very exciting so I was very happy that day and we celebrated with a bit of champers!

One of the days we did venture out and we had a little boat trip where we hired a boat for a couple of hours to drive around the bays in Cyprus and I jumped off the boat and had a little snorkel. It was such a nice little trip and much better than those horrible group tours you can do!

{Lucy on the boat}

{Mum chilling}

It was such a lovely holiday and very relaxing but it's so nice to be home and getting on with everything! 

{Lucy the LAD at the airport home!}

{My teddy bear Curly had his own BA flight seat! I'm kidding it was a spare seat next to us}

{Learning about Heston Blumenthal}

Now that I'm home I have a bit of a manic month really so get ready for some pretty hefty and long posts to make up for my 2 weeks of silence! This weekend I went to one of my oldest friend's 21st birthday party so I shall show you the party once the pics are up! I'm also going to the Cambridge May Ball tonight which is so exciting, it's such a fun night so I'll take lots of pics and show you everything about the night (the Vengaboys are playing, could it get any better?!) Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!!

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