Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday Favourites

Today has been an insanely busy day, I've been to North London and back in 5 hours for a second interview at Disney and as soon as I returned I was whisked away to Brighton for a photo shoot. Mummy Springett turns *saying it very quietly* 50 in July along with my 21st birthday and apparently all she wants is photos of "my two beautiful daughters". Fortunately my cousin's husband is a brilliant photographer but he does it as more of a hobby so off we went for a quick little photo shoot on Brighton Pier, it was a really nice day and thankfully not awkward at all! As soon as I get the pics I'll show you.

This weekend, however, I will be preparing to go on holiday on Monday morning to Cyprus with the family which means unfortunately no blog for two weeks! I have prepared some posts and attempted to schedule the post so have a look from time to time to see if I've managed to upgrade my computer expertise, otherwise I will come back with some extremely long posts to say sorry and with lots of recipes of yummy Greek food, just wait til I get my hands on that feta! I've actually got some really exciting things happening when I'm back which I can tell you all about, including one of my best friend's gorgeous 21st birthday parties!

So for now I just wanted to show you a few of the favourite things that are making me happy right now, I can't wait for a chilled weekend with the family at home this weekend obviously with lots of Jubilee cakes and my favourite, bunting!

Favourite tune:

{Rudimental - Feel the Love}

I'm literally obsessed with this song at the moment and it's set to be number 1 this week apparently. I can't tell you how long it took me to find out who it was by from hearing it randomly on the radio but now it is a firm favourite if I'm ever in need of a pick me up and a boogie!

Favourite Summer Picture:

{Splish Splash}

Favourite Summer Shorts:

{Lace denim shorts}

I found this idea on Pinterest a while ago actually and it's really handy now everyone's getting their summer wardrobes out and may be finding the shorts they once loved are pretty short now! If you sew in a bit of lace wherever it's looking a bit bare it's a cute little alternative to your denim shorts.

Favourite Song Quote:

{Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition}

I went out on Tuesday to an indie night and they played this song and I had totally forgotten just how many amazing memories the song brings back, of watching them live in a field at Latitude 2010 with my gorgeous girls from home in the sun, absolute perfection right?

Favourite Jubilee Picture:

This picture makes me excited for this weekend just looking at it, I can't wait to watch Britain do what Britain does best, be blooming British! Get your Pimms out everyone and have a fabulously long weekend! See you in a couple of weeks...

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