Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bye Bye Bournemouth!

So the day has come where I leave university for the last time. I've done this ritual of packing up my room and waiting for my Dad to pick me up at the end of every term so I thought I'd be used to it, but really I was wrong.

I'm sitting here in my very empty room, waiting for Daddy Springett to turn up and push and squeeze all of my things into the car and then treat me to some fish and chips! But it all feels so final, to think how long I've spent here and it really is an end to an era.

I honestly cannot wait for the adventures I have ahead but it's always hard to close that door when you've been through so much in that chapter of your life. All 3 of my little Bournemouth rooms have all held some incredible moments and I'll never forget them even when they're filled with other people's memories.

This isn't going to be a particularly long post as I've kind of already done my goodbye and my walk down memory lane, but I just felt I needed to say a little goodbye somehow, for the last time in my little room in Bournemouth.

As they say, as one door closes, another one opens and I can't wait to see what open doors are before me! Thank you Bournemouth and to all of my incredible friends who have made this 3 years the best I could have asked for. Bye Bye Bournemouth!!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Frieda's Tearooms

Yesterday, I discovered a place in Bournemouth which I should have visited a long long time ago. Frieda's Tearooms is tucked away along the road I used to live in when I was in second year here and I wasn't too sure about it (it took over from a place called Cafe Bengaweulu which was a personal fave of mine). But boy was I wrong! A friend had told me that it was very me, and as soon as I walked in I could see why. It was covered in bunting, teacups and cute nooks with piles of cushions, just what you need on a sunny afternoon in Bournemouth.

Before a strenuous day of shopping, myself and my friend Liam decided we needed some strength in the form of cakes before traipsing the town. The afternoon tea there sounded delicious so we went for it and it was perfect! We had massive chunks of ham and cheese and egg mayo sandwiches and then glorious sultana scones with strawberry compote and clotted cream (I won the perfect looking scone competition) and I finished with a carrot cake whereas Liam chose the Bakewell tart. The food was delicious and the tea was served in cute pots and cups and saucers, I thoroughly recommend it as they're not just finger food, we were stuffed afterwards! An afternoon tea for two there if £14.50 and you get a lot for that.

Anyway, you want to see the pictures don't you?! This is what the place actually looks like!

{Our impressive selection}

{Liam enjoying his tea immensely}

{Cute teacups}

{My pretty perfect scone}


{LIttle snuggle nook}

{Liam's rubbish, messy scone}

{Apparently they don't have these kinds of things in Coventry}

{My yummy carrot cake}

This is their website and if you look now there's a Groupon deal for the afternoon tea (which we forgot to use) so get there quickly, I'm so glad I discovered it before I left university!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Beautiful Bournemouth

With the weather the way it is at the moment, there is no place I would rather be than the beautiful Bournemouth. There's something about a town with a sandy beach combined with a good bit of sun that makes this place something of a holiday destination. While at the beach reading my book in the sun with my friends I really felt like I was on holiday, it makes me so happy that I chose this glorious place to spend my three years at university.

The past weekend I spent in the (equally sunny and beautiful) Cardiff but all I really wanted was to be at home at the beach with all of my friends, Facebook definitely didn't help with people flooding my new feed with glorious pictures of the beach, much like these ones:

{All of my friends having fun at the beach}

{Who wouldn't want to be there right now?! Both pics taken by the lovely Lucy Scott}

{Jealous. Pic taken by equally lovely Cec Mignon}

So next time you fancy a little trip to the beach or a little weekend away in England you really should consider Bournemouth, we're not just a place next to Sand Banks, it is a truly beautiful place and I'm proud to say I've lived here for 3 wonderful years. Here's to glorious Bournemouth!

P.S. If you do decide to come and stay DO NOT stay at the Roundhouse, it's cheap for a reason, trust me.

Monday Eye Candy

Ok, I've given in. I feel a bit guilty about how much male eye candy this feature has had and I'm starting to feel bad for any of my male readers out there. So here you are, this is one of my favourite models out there at the moment and I'm pretty sure she is a favourite of millions of men out there.

She's frankly gorgeous and any girl who says they wouldn't want to look like her are lying, her legs go on forever! She does however share my name so at least I can be slightly like her! She's the Burberry Body, models for Agent Provocateur and even acts in Transformers with the beautiful Shia Le Beouf (this has given me an idea for next week's eye candy!!)

Have you guessed who it is yet? I give you the insanely beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

{As the Burberry Body}

{Made in Britain}

{At the Burberry show with Eddie Redmayne and Mario Testino, jel.}


{Really want her hair!}

{WHAT a dress}

Friday, 25 May 2012

Joules Big Sale in Cardiff

This weekend I'm working at another Big Sale for Joules and I'm quite excited for this one. It's meant to be sunny so everyone will automatically have to be cheery and it's always so nice to explore new places, I've never been to Cardiff so it should be interesting. Plus my gorgeous best friend Alice is visiting her boyfriend there for the weekend so I get to have a cheeky visit from her, I'm very excited!

If you're around the area pop in and have a look at what we've got on Saturday and Sunday, hopefully it'll be a good one! For those who don't know what our big sales are, Joules sell their older season products at a discounted price as if it was being sold at an outlet, it really is brilliant and if you get there early enough you can get some real bargains, it's always so tempting to buy loads when I go to work at the sales!

Here's the poster for the show, it's being held at Cardiff Cricket Ground so I might spot some dishy cricket players practising on the green!

They'll also have a company called Rampant Sporting selling some of their old season clothes too, I don't think they particularly like this comparison but it's a bit like Jack Wills in the way that they are mainly geared towards university students and began at Exeter University. Their socks are to die for and I have bought them as gifts for varying friends and sister so well worth a look, I think we should predict pretty big things for this lovely company!

Have an amazing sunny weekend everyone and don't make me too jealous with all of your BBQ and Pimms pics! See you Monday!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tester Haul

Last Friday was a pretty good day for many reasons but one of the best things about the day was the Beales Tester Sale. I've worked there for almost 3 years now and I've NEVER been able to go to this amazing event, I'm either at uni or home or simply can't get there in time. So I felt like it was fate that this one was held on my last ever day working there and boy, was I happy I could get to it.

Basically, Beales are allowed to sell all of their testers at the end of each season to their staff, instead of throwing it all away. I've been told incredible things about it as our main make-up stands are your usual department store designer make up and skin care brands. Also they sell perfume testers which people rant and rave about.

Now I can totally understand exactly why they were so excited about the event, I got SO MUCH stuff that I really can't show you everything in this one blog but I thought I could now do a few beauty blogs now I have lots of things to try out.

These are a few things I've been using recently, I'm a very happy bunny!

{Dior Bronze Sun Cream - now I hear you cry "Who on earth needs designer sun cream?!" well I definitely don't BUT it was cheap and you always need suncream right? I've been using it these past few days while the suns been out and it's been a life saver, really thick and stops the sun (if that's what you want) I'm a burner so this is perfect for me. If you ever fancy a posh sun cream then this should be in your list of possibles}

{Clarins Firming Day Cream - this is a lovely thick day cream but it quickly sinks into your skin and is a great base for make up. I really needed a new moisturiser and I would really recommend this one, you get a lot in this pot and it doesn't have any overbearing smells. I've definitely felt a difference in my skin since using it}

{Clarins Tinted Moisturiser - I'm a big tinted moisturiser fan so as soon as I saw this I jumped to buy two of them! It's so smooth and not streaky at all which I feel a lot of tinted moisturisers can do. The coverage is ok but it gives you a good colour and if theres any extra to clear up you can use a concealer which this holds very well. If I could I would buy this again!}

{Diorshow Lash Primer/Maximiser - this is one of my favourite buys as I was going to get this full price as I was bought a Diorshow mascara for Christmas which is really really smudgy so I desperately needed a product to prevent this. It's truly AMAZING, my lashes are at least double the size from when I just usually use the Diorshow mascara which is pretty volumising anyway, it looks like I have false lashes! I'm so happy with it}

{Molton Brown Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Body Lotion - this smells absolutely delicious and I absolutely love using this after the shower now. It has a really strong spicy fragrance so it could be a perfume alternative and it feels so nice on your skin. I also love the pump bottle as it's so much easier and less messy to apply than a squeezy bottle. I'm starting a small obsession with Molton Brown at the moment!}

How lucky am I?! I spent so much but probably the amount I spent on my massive bag of products would have amounted to one perfume I bought so I'm pretty impressed with my bargain hunting skills!

When I use more of my products I will review them as soon as possible, it's so nice to try lots of different things and change up your shower and skin routines a little!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

1st Birthday GlossyBox

I think this is the first time I've actually blogged about my GlossyBox on the actual day I received it, I'm just so on the ball! So this month's theme was for their 1st birthday which made me pretty excited when I received the package as I thought this one's got to be the best one right?

However, I feel kinda slightly disappointed by this box, not because I don't like what I've received, but I don't feel like I've got £12.95 worth of products in there. It's saving grace was the cute little compact mirror they included and the fab wrapping paper, so I'm not upset with my box but I think I had pretty high expectations for this one. I shall, however, let you decide what you think about the box!

{Pretty in Pink}

{How cute is the ribbon and wrapping paper?}

{My little stash!}

{Apivita Express Beauty Masks - these are basically posh face masks, which I never do but my friend swears by them so may have to try them out next time I'm with her! They're a good size and would probably do 3-4 faces from one sachet}

{Lolita Lempicka Perfume - two little testers of perfumes, one is quite spicy and very different from my usual picks but I quite like them! I love these little testers as I keep them in my make up bag and useful for a top up}

{Eldora False Eyelashes - now I'm awful at applying eyelashes so I never wear them but I had hoped for eyelashes in my box to force me to try them again, however NOT with diamantes on! They're so not me! I have discovered that they're easy to take off so I shall be tweezering them off very soon!}

{Noble Isle Shower Gel - this is my third shower gel from my boxes and I'm sort of bored of them. However, it smells delicious and the bottle is really pretty so I think it will be my holiday shower gel as it smells very fresh}

{Osmo Berber Oil Hair Treatment - this is probably the most interesting product as I've just bought a hair oil for the summer and this looks really good, an intense conditioner for your hair, I desperately need it in this sun!}

{GlossyBox mirror and Birthday balloon - cute idea and they've asked their box recipients to blow up the balloon and send a picture of them with the balloon which is a really sweet idea I think, looking forward to seeing the pics all over Twitter!}

What do you think? I do really like everything in my box and will use it all so overall I'm happy, the box is so pretty with the wrapping paper too. It's always a good little pressie to receive from yourself!

I think the hair oil will be the most useful item but I will update you if anything in any of my GlossyBoxes are specifically outstanding items that have made their way into my routines!

End of the Season Snowriders Social

So Friday was a slightly crazy day and evening, we all met bright and early in the late afternoon and commenced drinking at our friends house named 'The Maple Chambers', better than just a boring house name eh?

A few of us knew prior to the event that the new committee for the next season of Snowriders had been secretly picked and that the initiations for this new team would be held that Friday night. I'm very excited to say that my gorgeous friend Elliza is our new Social Secretary!! She's the only girl in the team and is the first girl to be in the committee for a long time so it's safe to say we're all pretty proud of the girl.

The initiations were hilarious and everyone involved did not look their best after the torture of Bovril, mustard, marmite, cat food and frankfurters being thrown in their faces!

{Steph and Tina chilling on the balcony}

{Guy being 'serious'}

{Tina's not impressed}

{Elliza pre initiation, all of the nice hair and make up was lost}

{Lucy and I ready to watch the initiations}

{The girls all together}

{Our new Freestyle Team President, Alf}

{Will and Olly not looking their best}

{Elliza and her Bovril lips}

{Pretty Elliza}

{Alf and Elliza}

{Our new President, Olly, enjoying his new power}

{She survived!}

They all survived and once everyone was cleaned up we finished our drinking and trotted off to Bar Extreme to watch the film from our trip. It's such a good atmosphere watching the film with all of your fellow trip mates as you go down memory lane and remember what an amazing trip it was. 

Now I don't feature in the film at all because apparently I'm boring but unfortunately some footage was apparently lost so I'm afraid you won't be able to hear any of our incredible Geisha accents but maybe you'll get to see it another time!

Here's the film, it's pretty long but it mainly contains the standard student film of copious amounts of drinking and dancing like a loon so check it out if you haven't seen enough of those films already!

The night ended quite sensibly for me, it was another story for my frankly insane friends. Lucy decided to go home early and along with a friend cycled along to her friend's house on MY BIKE and then proceeded to fall sideways mid cycle in front of two very amused policemen. She has the war wounds to prove it.

Elliza also has a few war wounds, particularly to her face, as she accidentally fell from the tall height of the DJ booth in the bar face first onto the floor. She woke up in the morning with a black eye and half a swollen face the silly billy, at least it was a memorable first day as our Social Sec!

The rest of the weekend was spent in the garden chilling with lots of naughty food and playing games. A very good weekend all round and I cannot wait for the next season of Snowriders, even though I won't officially be there!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday Eye Candy

Recently I've been trying to get back into reading in preparation for my holiday, and with all of my travelling to London for interviews I've finally been able to find time to read. I began Great Expectations by Charles Dickens a couple of weeks before the BBC adaptation was shown around Christmas and it's terrible to say I'm still only about halfway through.

However, it has reminded me of the beauty of the man who will be my Monday eye candy today, Douglas Booth, who plays Pip in the adaptation. He is seriously gorgeous and if you haven't seen the adaptation then I urge you to find it somewhere, it's really good and you get two hours of seeing this man, could it be much worse?!

{Dressed as Pip for Great Expectations}

{He also models for Burberry, they pick well}

{Burberry trench coat}

{See what I mean?!}

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, tomorrow's post will include a big old update on my weekend with my frankly mental friends!