Friday, 18 May 2012

Goodbye Joules Bournemouth

Tomorrow is my last ever shift at Joules in Beales of Bournemouth, I started there way back when in October 2009 when I began university. It has kind of been my little rock when things have gone a bit rubbish, I could escape at work. And now it's all over!

Now I don't have very many photos because who takes photos while they're at work?! But I just thought tomorrow's last ever shift deserved a little mention because I really have enjoyed all of the strange things that I've been able to do at Joules.

I've blown up a changing room full of balloons in one afternoon, erected a deck chair in the middle of the day and worn face masks with varying animals and vegetables on!

{Proof of the whole changing room of balloons!}

{Natalie and Emily looking very excited about our event}

{Pretty glittery balloons}

I can't recommend having a job more whilst at uni, it might be a pain sometimes when you're hungover or everyone else is having a lie in but give it a go, not just for the money but for the people you meet. And hey you never know you might get a tasty discount out of it which comes in handy for all occasions!

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