Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Frieda's Tearooms

Yesterday, I discovered a place in Bournemouth which I should have visited a long long time ago. Frieda's Tearooms is tucked away along the road I used to live in when I was in second year here and I wasn't too sure about it (it took over from a place called Cafe Bengaweulu which was a personal fave of mine). But boy was I wrong! A friend had told me that it was very me, and as soon as I walked in I could see why. It was covered in bunting, teacups and cute nooks with piles of cushions, just what you need on a sunny afternoon in Bournemouth.

Before a strenuous day of shopping, myself and my friend Liam decided we needed some strength in the form of cakes before traipsing the town. The afternoon tea there sounded delicious so we went for it and it was perfect! We had massive chunks of ham and cheese and egg mayo sandwiches and then glorious sultana scones with strawberry compote and clotted cream (I won the perfect looking scone competition) and I finished with a carrot cake whereas Liam chose the Bakewell tart. The food was delicious and the tea was served in cute pots and cups and saucers, I thoroughly recommend it as they're not just finger food, we were stuffed afterwards! An afternoon tea for two there if £14.50 and you get a lot for that.

Anyway, you want to see the pictures don't you?! This is what the place actually looks like!

{Our impressive selection}

{Liam enjoying his tea immensely}

{Cute teacups}

{My pretty perfect scone}


{LIttle snuggle nook}

{Liam's rubbish, messy scone}

{Apparently they don't have these kinds of things in Coventry}

{My yummy carrot cake}

This is their website and if you look now there's a Groupon deal for the afternoon tea (which we forgot to use) so get there quickly, I'm so glad I discovered it before I left university!

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