Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bombay and the rest

This weekend has been a big old lesson in life, don't try to do everything all at once. The weekend ended up completely failing as I was so late to my friend's birthday party after the gig and I completely missed my train to Nottingham to see my best friend, Alice, for her 21st so I couldn't even see her on her birthday.

I definitely now know that you need to say no sometimes as otherwise you'll just let people down, but apart from that the weekend was pretty fun!

I met Lucy in London for the day and went shopping in all our favourite shops on Bond Street, nothing was purchased as usual though! We had another yummy meal at Henrys with some lovely cocktails and then we made our way over to Alexander Palace (which I stupidly thought was in Victoria!) all the way up in North London.

{Lucy looking all cute}

{Me with my martini}

The venue was gorgeous, a really lovely venue for such a brilliant gig. Unfortunately we missed Rae Morris which was a bit annoying, BUT we got to see Lianne La Havas! I'd heard of a couple of songs by her but I hadn't listened to it much, now I'm utterly obsessed! Her songs are just beautiful and she was so nice on stage, her voice really is incredible and I had a little tear in my eye when she sang Lost and Found which is her forthcoming single. Heres a vid of a full concert she did a while back so give it a listen!

Then Bombay Bicycle Club came on and they were just so so amazing, they made all of their songs really rocky and there was a lot of jumping and bobbing around. Jack Steadman's voice is so different and iconic that I think anyone could recognise a Bombay song from miles away. Shuffle at the end was just the cherry on top and Still was just spine tingling.

HOWEVER, this concert told me a lot of things that I find very annoying at concerts, here's my little list of the annoying things people do:

1. They try to budge past you, as if they were going to keep going to find their friends, but no they decide that your view of the stage is pretty damn good so they'll stand right in front of you and take your view!!

2. Mega huge tall monster people who stand right at the front, and seem to choose the place to stand right in front of a group of short girls. I'm pretty tall but this guy who stood in front of us was MASSIVE and everyone's faces as he walked over were of pure disappointment that he had chosen here to stand.

3. Annoying girls who hear that it's their favourite song, turn to each other and scream, then for the rest of the song shout out the words to the song so loudly that they, or the people around them, can't hear the band's version of the song.

4. Couples kissing at concerts where everyone else is dancing about, Bombay isn't even romantic?!

5. People who dance like mad people right in front of you. I had a lovely case of this whom we named 'salmon boy' he danced and bobbed as if he was a salmon trying to get up a river. He was unfortunately pressed right up against me as if we were grinding and he almost knocked me out with his bobbing head, not cool.

6. People who shout and talk during a quiet song, some boys almost ruined Still for me but I stood by Jack and blocked them out.

This list probably makes me sound like an old granny and I'm sure what I do at concerts annoys lots of people too, but do you agree with some of these?!

Once the gig finished I made my way over to the trains to get myself over to Charlotte's 21st. Bearing in mind the party started at 7:30pm, the fact that I got there at 12:45am was just ridiculous. But we got to have a big old boogie at the end and sing Happy Birthday a few more times to Charlotte!

{The girls looking gorgeous}

{Charlotte and her date James, Rupert Grint was so rude to not come along!}

{All the boys looking smart for once!}

{Pretty good cake there}

{Me and my boys, Andy and James}

{I still managed to get in a bit of Call me Maybe dancing with Julian}

{With the birthday girl}

We went back to stay at Charlotte's house, but I unfortunately, from missing the actual party, decided to start an after party. Needless to say I don't remember the rest of the night and woke up to find I'd missed my train up to Nottingham for Alice's.

I went back home to Kent with my tail between my legs and got my Mum to look after me, I don't think my head has ever hurt that much!

So, overall the weekend was very good and fun, just learn from my mistake and don't try to do too much all at once as it will inevitably be a nightmare!!

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