Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Beautiful Bournemouth

With the weather the way it is at the moment, there is no place I would rather be than the beautiful Bournemouth. There's something about a town with a sandy beach combined with a good bit of sun that makes this place something of a holiday destination. While at the beach reading my book in the sun with my friends I really felt like I was on holiday, it makes me so happy that I chose this glorious place to spend my three years at university.

The past weekend I spent in the (equally sunny and beautiful) Cardiff but all I really wanted was to be at home at the beach with all of my friends, Facebook definitely didn't help with people flooding my new feed with glorious pictures of the beach, much like these ones:

{All of my friends having fun at the beach}

{Who wouldn't want to be there right now?! Both pics taken by the lovely Lucy Scott}

{Jealous. Pic taken by equally lovely Cec Mignon}

So next time you fancy a little trip to the beach or a little weekend away in England you really should consider Bournemouth, we're not just a place next to Sand Banks, it is a truly beautiful place and I'm proud to say I've lived here for 3 wonderful years. Here's to glorious Bournemouth!

P.S. If you do decide to come and stay DO NOT stay at the Roundhouse, it's cheap for a reason, trust me.

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