Friday, 20 July 2012

Surprise Getaway

UPDATE: I'm going to NEW YORK!!!

Today I am being whisked off on holiday by my Mum and sister as a surprise for my 21st birthday. I've known I'm being taken somewhere from Friday until Tuesday for a while but I literally have no idea where I'm being taken and will find out when I check in at the airport, it's so exciting but a nightmare to have packed for!!

Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll have proper internet to update this post to let you know where I'm setting off to but I will try, otherwise I'm sure in all of my excitement I'll send a quick tweet about it!

So my clues have been: make sure you have lots of money for shopping, comfy shoes, it's going to be hot so shorts and vests weather but I don't need a bikini or lots of books so I think it'll be a busy adventure holiday. The suspense is killing me! 

See you on Tuesday with lots of holiday stories I'm sure!

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