Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Party Week: Invitations

I had a lot of ideas about invitations as I wanted it to be a simple postcard but I wanted a little character and a bit of me in there. Here were a few ideas I had, with each one I tried to work out how I could make some of these into reality.

{I thought these were cute but not '21st' enough}

{This was one of my favourites with the bunting, a guilty pleasure of mine}

{I liked the colours and envelope lining on this}

{Stamps and envelope linings looked like popular DIY tools}

{I knew I wanted it to be a postcard rather than a fold card}

{A really summery picnic invite}

{I looked at buying these from my favourite stationers, Rifle Paper Co, but the shipping was insane!}

{Cute little Rifle Paper Co invites}

In reality I went for half pre-made, half DIY which I think works well. I sent these invites out yesterday so if any of my guests are reading this STOP READING NOW! This is a huge spoiler alert!

Anyway, I started with a simple ivory postcard invitation from Paperchase, they were £2.50 per pack of 8 for the ivory ones (I can't find the ivory online!) which is pretty reasonable.

Then I bought some patterned masking tape from Papermash, ideally you want different colours but I thought it would still look cute with just the blue, I think the pastel colour makes the invite feel quite summery which is perfect for an summer afternoon tea theme!

Now it was just a case of making the invite a bit more fun so cut lots of little triangles from your tape and line them up on anything.

Get some gold thread (or any nice coloured thread) and use the masking tape to stick the thread down at each side, then follow along the thread with more triangles to create BUNTING! I knew for the invites to be me it would need to have some bunting on it!

{Don't they look just so cute?! All of the information is on the back which I left plain of any DIY extras}

{Trim off any excess thread to neaten up the sides}

{Ready to be posted!}

I added a little strip of masking tape to the back of each envelope to add a little more to the envelopes. I wanted to take a picture of all of the invites with their stamps on because it looked so pretty but, you know, envelopes have addresses on and a lot of people don't like that kind of thing being on the internet!!

So there you have it, a first glimpse into my party with the invites. Tomorrow is probably the best bit, the drinks! I have a lot of plans for the drinks so I'll show you all of the exciting things I have planned for it!

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