Thursday, 5 July 2012

Party Week: Food

I'm not massively decided on my food but we're having cakes and finger sandwiches for the afternoon and then a big old BBQ in the evening by Daddy Springett! However, any Springett gathering has so much food that we'll be eating leftovers for weeks which I'm happy about, we're a family of very tall big eaters!

The menu for the cakes is pretty cupcakes, strawberry cheesecake, colourful meringue bites and raspberry vienesse whirls. We're still not sure on the sandwiches but I'm going to have to make one a salmon for a posh afternoon tea!

For the BBQ we're doing burgers, deliciously marinated ribs and some spicy chicken with gorgeous homemade salads, perfect for the BBQ.

Anyway, I've been getting a few ideas from Pinterest (again) so here is another post of pretty pictures!

{Summer berry cake}

{Pretty turquoise birthday cake}

{Simple sprinkles}

{Lots of posh cupcakes}

{This is actually a picture of my own raspberry cheesecake I made a while ago, it's a well used recipe!}

{Pretty displays for finger food}

{Fresh and simple sandwiches}

{Cupcakes in teacups and macarons! I may attempt to make some macarons but I've been told they're pretty tricky!}

{Red Velvet Cupcakes}

Hopefully our baking day for all of this will be a success, it's all pretty much going to be finger food and we're serving it again with old fashioned assorted crockery from lots of random places!

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