Friday, 13 July 2012

Mummy Springett's Birthday

I have been terrible at blogging this week, at least I have the birthday excuse eh? So I'll tell you all about Mum's birthday today and then I'll tell you about my birthday on Monday, they've been two perfect days and I'm so lucky!

We surprised Mum with a cute little ticket Lucy had made as our present to her was a day at Kew Gardens and Afternoon Tea at a lovely hotel in Mayfair. Dad got her some lovely presents, I say he got them, he paid for the presents we'd decided we were getting her! We got her a beautiful necklace from Burrells, a Robert's radio in light green which looks amazing, and we're going to make a book of her favourite pictures of us which I showed you the other day.

We hopped on a train up to London and went straight to the beautiful Kew Gardens, it is absolutely huge and we definitely didn't leave ourselves enough time to do it all but it was so pretty all the same. We met a peacock and saw some beautiful flowers, the greenhouses are the oldest existing Victorian glass building so it felt pretty special.

Pretty beautiful place eh? It cost us £40 for one adult and two students, I would recommend leaving yourself the whole day to do it and bringing a picnic, the grounds are gorgeous! If I lived around there I'd definitely get a membership and sit in the grounds to read a book! Oh also I saw this which I really want to go to but I'm at Bestival so if you like the look of it book a ticket, I love open air cinema screenings (only when it's not raining though!)

So next stop was a gorgeous hotel called The Chesterfield in the middle of Mayfair, the afternoon tea room is a kind of conservatory/ made up potting shed, it looks so quaint and perfect for a tea. We wanted to take Mum to a posh tea but worried about the stuck up waiters, the waiters here were just so perfect! He told us all about each pastry and sandwich and explained all the teas to us, he really couldn't have done more to make us feel welcome there.

It's such a lovely place and I would highly recommend if you were wanting to have a special afternoon tea. It's quite pricey at £28 for just a traditional tea per person and I think its ten pounds more for a glass of champers but heres the best bit, CONSTANT REFILLS! As soon as we finished our sandwiches the lovely man offered us another round and this was the same with our scones, pastries and tea. They also have a pick and mix sweet section which Lucy and I raided for the train journey home!

You can find out info about their afternoon tea here. When we got home we had a yummy curry but I was absolutely stuffed from afternoon tea, it truly was a very special day!

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