Tuesday, 24 April 2012

iPhone Wallpapers

I've recently switched back to my old iPhone temporarily as I've misplaced my BlackBerry charger!

I haven't been on this phone for so long that it needed a severe update (DrawSomething has become a new obsession!) but mainly all my pictures needed an update for wallpapers on my phone.

Thankfully Pinterest has come to the rescue once again, I used the app to save my pins and it all went onto my camera roll. Anyway enough of the boring stuff, here's the pretty pictures! I've been kind enough to test each picture to make sure it works as your lock wallpaper!

{Pink Stamps}


{Alternative mode of travel}

{Cable Cars}

{Little reminder everyday}

{Phone on a phone}

{Macaroons, again..}

{Twinkle at night}

{Tickled Pink}

{Dream of a place far, far away}

{This doesn't really fit the lock screen that well, but it's a bloody good saying!}

{Just touched down in London town. My current wallpaper}

{Blue door}

{Bow ties, for the men}

{Ryan Gosling. Sorry this had to be done}

{Dreaming of summer}

{Classic Gatsby}

{Floating away...}

{Ferris wheel at night}

{Antique dress}

{You're foxy}

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