Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Nests

I'm back! Apologies for the week of silence, due to some difficulties (i.e. my Mum accidentally deleting my drafts) I couldn't update last week so I'm back with lots to tell.

Skiing was pretty amazing but so exhausting, I would have done a post today about the trip but I haven't managed to get friends photos all together yet, but all in good time!

So I thought I'd concentrate on yesterday, Easter Sunday. I couldn't make it home this Easter so all the Bournemouth stragglers got together for a delicious roast and I made a little dessert extra for those chocolate lovers. I made the traditional mini egg nests, its so simple and speedy but they scream Easter which was very needed when you don't have a garden to Easter Egg hunt in!

The recipe was made up and so I don't have any exact measurements or a proper recipe but it's so easy to make.

You will need:

Bars of chocolate (I used 200g and made 15 nests I think)
Cornflakes (or Shreddies or Rice Crispies)
Mini Eggs
Cupcake cases (optional but pretty)

You need to do:

1. Heat the chocolate in a ban marie, basically put a bowl of the chocolate broken into pieces on top of a saucepan of boiling water, and keep stirring until it's all melted.

2. Pop in your cornflakes, you need enough so that they're lightly covered by chocolate, not too much that it's gloopy (technical term) but not too little that you can see the orange cornflakes.

3. Get a baking tray and pile on the mixture into your cases or into balls of whatever size you fancy, make sure they're clumped together though.

4. Pop your mini eggs on top and leave in the fridge until they're set and you can pick them up without it all falling apart. Don't take them out until you're JUST about to eat them otherwise they'll melt and will get chocolatey cornflakes all over you.

The end result could look a little like this:

A perfect easter treat even after easter, you can use up all those extra eggs! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to tell you all about the ski trip and our AMAZING outfits.

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