Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Alpe D'Huez Days Five and Six

The holiday is almost over but we still had a lot of fancy dress left. The next night was a chilled one for fancy dress, we were just wearing our BU Snowriders T-Shirts and hoodies, the designs always change every year but this years look pretty good!

The bar served drinks called 'Special Jaegerbombs' which consisted of a vodka shot closely followed by the Jaegerbomb, a drink I definitely avoided for the night. After a lot of dancing and jumping around with a ladle (I don't think I can even explain that one!) we called it a night. Elliza however called it a night at 5am and woke up in the bath in the morning, I think she may have had a couple too many special Jaegerbombs!

{Elliza's ladle}

{My roomies}

{Jen and Liam in Snowrider blue}

{Elliza and Mac having a old fashioned jig}

{Guy, our Social Sec, looking rather Barbosa don't you think?!}

Our final night was our biggest theme really, it was pre-1800s so we went as Geisha, we went all out by painting our faces white and wearing matching kimono dressing gowns. We looked awful but it was very funny and we spoke with some terrible Japanese accents all night 'You want massage for 10 euwo?'

{Lucy and Emma looking very Geisha}

{The whole team of Geishas}

{Elliza made us fans out of Beach Break flyers, genius subliminal advertisement at its best?}

{Emma our green Geisha}

The coach journey back consisted of sleeping and big fry ups on the ferry. Once back in Bournemouth it was a big bump into reality but we came home with good memories and the standard hoard of sayings (Brian Badonde and the Starburst Challenge were huge features in our ski holiday!)

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