Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wessex Raceway

Today, I lost my Go Karting virginity and basically I'm now a pro. It wasn't just a fun day out though I was actually being a good friend and helped my friend Jacob with the film he was making there.

Jacob had been asked to remake their safety video which is shown to all newbies before they step out onto the track, the old one was about 10 years old and quite a good example of 90s fashion!

We got to do quite a lot of driving but no racing and it is so much fun! If you like driving fast in a car but worry you'll die and crash, this is perfect for you as there's a lot less risk of hurting yourself!

So I am now officially famous if the film goes ahead, I am the face of the National Karting Association's Safety Briefing Video, which is basically pure fame.

{Tim filming}

{Jacob filming in the loos}

{Indoor Racetrack}

{At the outdoor racetrack in Thruxton}

{Not the best outfit I've ever worn}

{Patrick, my fellow famous actor}

{Patrick's best Stig pose}

{My terrible Stig pose}

{Me squished in a tyre, comfy}

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