Friday, 5 July 2013

Holiday Sale Shopping

My Mum seems to have a knack of booking holidays just after the summer sales start which means a quick trip to the shopping centre before the hols is always slightly lighter on the purse strings (Mum's purse strings) so I thought I'd give you a little selection of holiday perfect sale bargains that I found before my holiday. I won't be doing this as an outfit post as the very idea of doing this makes me want to run away from the computer right now so I'll let the professionals do it. 

Cropped tees are perfect as a quick layer over a bikini or with anything high waisted, Topshop seem to have bunged them all in the sale...

Topshop - £7 perfect colour for gold jewellery

Topshop £10 - I have this one it's perfect with high waisted shorts!

Topshop - £6 a little nod to High SChool Musical

The ever difficult bikini buy was made easier for me this year by an unlikely find in Next. Anyone who knows me knows I hate Next (sorry Next), if I'm made to enter I head straight to the homeware as its the only area I like, this has now expanded to bikinis. 

Next £14 bikini top, £10 bottoms - perfect for girls who like me weren't blessed with boobs.

The maxi skirt seems to be the new holiday chic look, Lucy decided to rock this one from New Look, I haven't quite decided if its for me yet!

New Look - £16

The sundress was my main outfit of choice while on the holiday, here's my favourite selection.

Primark @ Asos £13

Primark @ Asos - £15

Asos Strap Sundress - £22

Beauty product-wise I discovered a new love whilst on holiday. The Nivea in-shower conditioner, sounds like a fad but apparently not. Apply it after your shower gel and once you're out of the shower you feel silky smooth, no effort required and no awkward standing around the bathroom after moisturising waiting for it to dry. At the price too, it's got my vote!

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