Friday, 19 July 2013

Feast: Brick Lane Yard

Part 2 in my street feast obsession, I went in much more prepared. After a liquid breakfast in the pub watching the Lions take us to victory, I made my way over to Brick Lane to meet Emily to stuff my face yet again. Tickets were a little pricier this time and you don't get the bar tab transfer BUT this Street Feast isn't as regular and promises to attract more food vans. You can either pick the afternoon or evening sessions, we gunned for the afternoon session in the sun and it was such a lovely environment full of people trying to cool down on coconut juice straight from the source.

After a quick peruse around the area I recognised so many friendly stands from other street feasts and a few new ones. First stop, The Rum Kitchen. A restaurant in Notting Hill who funnily enough specialise in rum cocktails, to cool down we asked for rum granitas as a palette cleanser. I'll admit it was a little small for £2 each but it was absolutely delicious. 

Next, Flat Iron. I've wanted to try these guys based in Soho for SO long and I may be finally going next week for a birthday dinner, Praise the Lord! We got a wooden boat of perfectly cooked and salted steak, it did come with horseradish if you feel it looks a little dry but I'm not a horseradish fan.

Now that the starter is complete we decided on our mains, Emily went for a new discovery, the crab roll. Bonnie Gull were offering an iced chest full of goodies and her crab roll looked bloody great. I'd never heard of Bonnie Gull but hope to see them again, even for a cheeky oyster next time. I went for When Mac met Cheese, the main competitor for Annie Mae's who I saw at Truck Stop, they do it a little differently. Annie Mae's use those massive pans and constantly fill it with more cheese and pasta and then put on your toppings individually. When Mac met Cheese make it all in front of your eyes, either go for your Mac and Cheese straight up or with Jalapenos and you can add tomatoes, broccoli and herbies. They heat up a pan, pop in the thickest gooiest cheese sauce, bung in the macaroni and all of the extras and chuck it around the pan for a while, I make it sound so simple, it didn't seem so especially on such a hot day! It was incredibleeee, stretchy cheese makes me go crazy. I can't say I prefer one because they actually taste so different so maybe I might have to try them both again, poor me...

They sell deep fried Oreos, I was too scared to try!


The Meringue Girls stall was a favourite which I didn't get a chance to try but their offer of the Ultimate Eton Mess with those gorgeous pink meringues had me gleeful at the thought.

Groaning with fullness we made room for the main deal, what I'd been looking forward to ever since I saw the special on Twitter. Patty and Bun's Big Poppa Special. Chillis, cheese, guacamole... they had me at hello. I sat Emily down in the shade with a couple of pink lemonades as I went to bring home the bacon (beef). As expected it was huge, cheesy, messy and oh so delicious, Patty and Bun never disappoint, please go if you can!

I got here too quickly for me to take a pic!

Sorry these made it to the internet Emily, I'm sure I'll have to pay for it in her blogs!

My burger, alll mineee!

All in all a beaut day and a very full tummy. Keep an eye out for the next one here, I'd definitely try the evening session, I heard whispers of a Patty and Bun DJ set and if their soundtrack in the restaurant is anything to go by, it must have been a banger.

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  1. Oh, Rosie!

    Lovely blog; hideous photos. I look like I'm having a good time though xx