Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Truck Stop 4th July Feast

Hi my name's Rosie, I'm a street food addict. In the first of a 2 part series of street food consumed last week I went to Truck Stop in Canary Wharf. Nestled in the middle of sky scrapers and men in suits (swoon) truck swarmed with people and good food. 

What better way to appreciate Americas independence from us than to eat all of my favourite exports from the country. 

I'd already made my mind up on the trucks I wanted to visit my poor friend Emily didn't stand a chance, first stop was Annie Mae's Mac and Cheese. One of the biggest queues (always means its good in street food worlds) and no wonder that steaming tray of cheese needs to be made mine! I went for the Dom Macaroni (pesto and bacon topping) and Emily went for the Spicy Juan which was spicy by name and by nature (jalapeƱos, hot sauce and sour cream) it knocked my socks off a little too much but Emily likes her chilli and I like my pesto, we'd picked well. 

While in the queue it's rude not to have a drink in your hand so I plucked for a pint sized cocktail with my Truckstop dollars (when you exchange your £10 ticket you essentially get a £10 bar tab, my kind of deal). 

After a peruse of queue lengths we decided to go for a smaller queue and hit the hidden gem that is The Bowler Gourmet Balls. I visited their van at the last feast I went to and taught Emily about the perfect ball equation of two pork balls, Thai coconut sauce with a side of fragranced rice and homemade slaw, boy do we love our balls. 

After this I disappointed myself in being full, what was wrong with me I just don't know. However the vans I would have gone to next would have been Mother Clucker (huge queue), Tacostop (they sell rib tacos, I'm sold) and Spit and Roast (I'm still dreaming about their buttermilk chicken from last time). 

I did however manage to fit in another cocktail and a frozen yoghurt cone along with Emily's double vanilla '99. Mine was a mango yoghurt but it was more kind of flavoured by the mango bits in it rather than being a mango yoghurt, that makes no sense does it?! Oh well. 

Walking away with very full tummys and still pretty full purses, I spent about £20 in all and had a whale of a time. Keep up to date with all of this through the wonders of twitter, I swear these days the only people I follow on twitter involve food. You can get tickets for the next Truck Stop in August here. Part 2 coming momentarily, hold onto your seats kids...

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