Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Ideal Home Show

Yesterday Mum Luce and I went to The Ideal Home Show, I wasn't quite sure what to expect to be honest (I'll admit I just came for the free ticket and for a nice day out) but it was a really nice day and different to the other kinds of exhibitions I've been to.

{Earls Court had a mock front and grass on the floor}

{Perfect summer's day on the grass}

It had four sections really: Home interiors, Gardens, FOOD and shopping (can you guess which was my favourite section?) but they also have a celebrity chef stage where they were doing demos. Suddenly the legend that is MARY BERRY stepped onto the stage and made some yummy cakes, absolutely love her, and she kept saying her trademark "No soggy bottoms!" teeheehee

{Mary Berry terribly zoomed sorry!}

It was all really interesting, some nice independent wallpaper designers and paint companies, not to mention the HUGE hot tubs! The food was fab, we went for a pork and apple roll and copious other samples!

Up in the shopping section we got to have a free manicure which was cute and we bought some nice bracelets from a company called 'Estella Bartlett', the guys told us there that it was going to become the new Pandora so watch this space! Obviously they could have been saying that, but its really cool stacking bracelets for £10 so I don't mind either way (some look a bit like Links of London sweetie and friendship bracelets).

On the way out we bought some AMAZING Bluetooth speakers which deserve a blog post on their own really, just trust me they're amazing and you'll all be wanting one when I tell you about it!

It was a very nice day, you can get tickets for about £12 if you buy in advance at but there is a Groupon offer for it too. The show runs until April 1st at Earls Court so if you like the look of it then pop over, theres so many things we saw that I haven't managed to mention so heres some pics:

{Little Treasure Trove}

{Smart Penguin}

{Lucy in an outdoor house}

{Champers and Seagulls go so well together, don't you think?}

{Rows of Verve Cliquot}

{Walking on Water}

{Old fashioned popcorn stand for sale}

{Mock Ideal Homes to look around for Inspiration}

{Ice Cream Van}

{Outside the Lodge}

{Incredible Jubilee Cake made by a 16 year old!}

To be honest this is an insanely girly day so boys you may be bored off your bottoms, but for the girls if you like cakes and shopping and looking at things that will be 'SO great for my house when I'm older' then this is the place for you! We even filled out a survey and got free tickets to the Grand Designs Show next month so expect another post like this soon!

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