Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Afternoon Tea at Hotel du Vin

While Lucy was visiting in Bournemouth I thought it'd be nice to do something special and thankfully Emerald Street came to the rescue just as I was thinking this.

If you haven't heard of Emerald Street it is the email newsletter counterpart to the Stylist magazine everyone is given for free in London on their way home from work. Obviously because I'm not in London every week I needed my fix and this daily newsletter is perfect with restaurant/bar recommendations, offers and competitions and a cute Reading Room.

Anyway, they were offering Afternoon Tea for Two at Hotel du Vin in Poole for just £25. Now to students this may be pricey for just a couple of cakes and a cup of tea but stop there and have a look at the gorgeous afternoon we were able to have, then you'll be jealous/ desperate to go yourselves for such a good deal!

{Pretty tea set}

{Snuggly Chairs}

{Lombard Champers}

{Jasmine Green Tea}

{Our amazing cake and sandwich selection}

{Classically British Cucumber Sandwich}

{Diddy Egg Mayo Sanwiches}

{Now that's what I call a Scone!}

So for £25 we got 2 glasses of yummy champers, a pot of tea each, 4 types of sandwich: Salmon and Cream Cheese, Ham and English Mustard, Cucumber and Mayonaise, Egg Mayonnaise. Then we get to the cakes, scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, dense chocolate loaf, carrot cake with cream cheese and walnuts, huge eclairs.

The hotel is so lovely, we had a nice comfy corner with sofas and we sat there for over 2 hours getting through all of our cakes, it was surprisingly filling!

So to get the offer you have to sign up to Emerald Street, print out this voucher (you have to hunt for your nearest Hotel du Vin then you can get the voucher) and give them a ring to book a table. The offer lasts til 15th April and is a really nice thing to do for an afternoon with your bessie!

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