Monday, 12 March 2012

That's A Wrap!

This weekend we FINALLY finished Alex's film, Paperthin Hero. We had our re-shoot after the disastrous shoot last Sunday and thankfully the sun was out and we had a brilliant days shooting.

We were filming in an old fashioned alleyway in Poole all day and we set up a little dead end for our little boy James to be trapped by his horrible bullies.

In these scenes he imagines he sees his superhero Battleman! So Beth's lovely friend Jonny helped us out for the day and dressed up as our superhero, he did a pretty good job!

I think we're all really pleased with the turn out and I can't wait to see the edit, but for now I'm glad to have finally finished it!

Here's a few pictures from the shoot on Sunday:

{All hands on deck in the alleyway}

{Elliot looking menacing with his potato}

{The beloved satchel that is stolen by the bullies}

{James about to get his own back on his bullies with a potato}


{He's flying off to another job}

{Battleman graphic which is seen in the comic too}

I hope everyone managed to have a nice relaxing weekend, I cannot wait to have a weekend off soon! I can taste the freedom!

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